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Certificate III in Travel


If you want to work in the Travel industry, this qualification will provide a sound knowledge of industry operations for retail travel or outbound wholesale sales specialising in leisure, corporate, domestic or international sales.

You will have the opportunity to more effectively meet your career goals and client needs by learning to provide national and international destination advice, prepare quotations, construct airfares and process documentation.

You will have access to learn the most widely used computer reservation systems in Australia.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a nationally accredited Certificate III in Travel (SIT31312).

Many employers are attracted to graduates with qualifications as they have knowledge and skills that can be applied to many facets within the workplace.

If you wish to continue your studies, the Australian College Certificate III in Travel (SIT31312) satisfies the pre-requisite entry requirements for the Diploma of Travel and Tourism (SIT50112).

Qualification Pathways:

  • Complete the required training and the assessment requirements
  • Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)
  • Apply for Credit Transfer (CrT)

Total Units: 17 Units

Course Fee and Duration



Module 1. Source and Use Information on the Tourism and Travel Industry

  Source and use relevant industry information
  Source and use compliance information in daily activities
  Source and use information on tourism technology
  Update personal and organisational knowledge of the tourism industry

Module 2. Access and Interpret Product Information

  Access product information
  Interpret product information
  Update knowledge of products

Module 3. Provide Advice on Australian Destinations

  Develop knowledge of Australian destinations
  Update knowledge of Australian destinations
  Provide information and advice on Australian destinations

Module 4. Provide Advice on International Destinations

  Develop knowledge of International destinations
  Update knowledge of International destinations
  Provide information and advice on International destinations

Module 5. Provide Service to Customers

  Communicate with internal and external customers
  Deliver service according to defined standards
  Provide service to customers
  Respond to customer complaints
  Provide internal feedback on customer service practices

Module 6. Sell Tourism Products and Services

  Identify customer needs
  Suggest products to meet customer needs
  Provide specific product information and advice
  Sell the product
  Follow up sales opportunities

Module 7. Prepare Quotations

  Calculate costs of products and services
  Provide quotations to customer
  Update and amend quotations

Module 8. Book Supplier Services

  Administer customer file and identify booking requirements
  Request products and services
  Record requests and confirmations
  Update and finalise bookings

Module 9. Process Travel-Related Documentation

  Interpret information required for processing of documentation
  Process documentation

Module 10. Source Airfares for Domestic Flights

  Interpret domestic airfare information
  Create domestic flight itineraries and source airfares
  Document and maintain records of calculations

Module 11. Construct Normal International Airfares

  Interpret international airfare information
  Configure air itineraries and calculate international airfares
  Construct fares incorporating add-ons
  Document and maintain records of calculations

Module 12. Use a Computerised Reservations or Operations System

  Access and manipulate system information
  Use system features to create and administer reservations
  Send and receive communications
  Administer sales and operations functions using the system

Module 13. Construct Promotional International Airfares

  Interpret promotional airfare information
  Create air itineraries and calculate international promotional airfares
  Document and maintain records of calculations

Module 14. Construct Advanced International Airfares

  Calculate complex international airfares
  Construct mixed class fares
  Apply indirect travel limitation rules
  Construct round the world journeys
  Construct fares for open jaw journeys
  Apply the pricing unit concept
  Document and maintain records of calculations

Module 15. Participate in Safe Work Practices

  Work safely
  Follow procedures for emergency situations
  Participate in organisational work health and safety practices

Module 16. Show Social and Cultural Sensitivity

  Communicate with customers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds
  Address cross cultural misunderstandings

Module 17. Enhance the Customer Service Experience

  Provide a quality service experience to customers
  Proactively respond to difficult service situations
  Resolve customer complaints
  Develop a customer relationship

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