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Freelance Journalism Upgrade


The Australian College Freelance Journalism Upgrade course will further your skills and knowledge by learning about public relations, multi-media, broadcasting, photojournalism and basic photography. You will explore the trail of the paparazzi and learn how to build relationships with editors. You’ll also look at the role of a correspondent and how to expand your working market.

Career opportunities include: Freelance Journalist, Columnist, Feature Writer, News Reporter, Freelance Writer, Foreign Correspondent, Sub-editor, Researcher.

When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Diploma of Journalism (Advanced Freelance Journalism).

Course Fee and Duration

Module 4. Broadcast and Photo Journalism

Reading 1: Applied Journalism and Multimedia
Topic 1: The Role of Applied Journalism
Topic 2: Writing Press Releases and Public Relations Pieces
Topic 3: Writing a ‘People’ Piece
Topic 4: Writing Editorials
Topic 5: Writing Content for the Web
Topic 6: The Virtual Newsroom: Your News Desk
Topic 7: Producing Copy Under Pressure

Reading 2: Choosing Assignments
Topic 1: Newspaper Versus Magazine Writing
Topic 2: Writing For Magazines
Topic 3: Choosing the Right Magazine
Topic 4: What Magazine Publishers Want
Topic 5: Choosing Your Assignments
Topic 6: Domestic Versus International Markets

Reading 3: Broadcast Journalism: Television and Radio
Topic 1: The Electronic Media Market
Topic 2: Journalism in Broadcasting
Topic 3: Reporting for Television and Radio
Topic 4: Television and Radio Writing Techniques
Topic 5: Television and Radio Presenting Techniques
Topic 6: Techniques for Writing Scripts and Speeches

Reading 4: Photojournalism and Specialisms
Topic 1: Photojournalism
Topic 2: Photojournalism – The Background Story
Topic 3: Basics Concepts in Photojournalism
Topic 4: Photographic Lenses and Techniques
Topic 5: Writing for Specialised Markets
Topic 6: The Trail of the ‘Paparazzi’

Module 5. Becoming a Freelance Journalist

Reading 1: Professional Freelancing
Topic 1: How Professionals Get Work
Topic 2: How Professionals Handle Rejections
Topic 3: Building Relationships with Editors
Topic 4: The Final Edit
Topic 5: Journalism Rates
Topic 6: Earning an Income from Freelance Journalism
Topic 7: Negotiating Rates and Contracts

Reading 2: On Assignment
Topic 1: Three Elements of Freelance Success
Topic 2: What to Take With You on Assignments
Topic 3: Managing Your Assignments
Topic 4: Other Sources of Income
Topic 5: Building Your Freelance Journalism Business
Topic 6: Your Future as a Freelance Journalist
Topic 7: Using Online Resources

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