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By learning the skills of plain English and business writing, you improve your employment prospects and increase your ability to advance within your organisation to more responsible positions. Many government departments, and increasingly more organisations, now have plain English writing policies. To work within those companies you have to have plain English writing skills to even be considered.

Career opportunities include: Professional Writer, Plain English Writer, Business Writer.

When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Certificate in Professional Writing (Plain English and Business Writing).

Course Fee and Duration

Module 1: Foundations of Plain English and Business Writing

Reading 1: The Power of Plain English
Topic 1: What is Plain English?
Topic 2: Key Features of Plain English
Topic 3: Effective Communication in Business
Topic 4: Reasons for Writing

Reading 2: Writing Style
Topic 1: Sentence Structure
Topic 2: Punctuation for Clarity
Topic 3: Correct Grammar and Plain English
Topic 4: Vocabulary and Style
Topic 5: Writing Paragraphs
Topic 6: Clear Layout
Topic 7: The Use of Graphics

Module 2: Development of Plain English and Business Writing

Reading 1: Writing Business Documents
Topic 1: Writing for a Specific Purpose
Topic 2: Writing Business Letters
Topic 3: Writing Emails, Faxes and Memos
Topic 4: Writing Minutes and Briefing Notes
Topic 5: Writing Submissions
Topic 6: Writing Reports
Topic 7: Writing Promotional Material and Advertising Copy
Topic 8: Writing Newsletters and Bulletins
Topic 9: Writing Electronic Presentations and Website Content

Reading 2: Plain English in Practice
Topic 1: Emails in Plain English
Topic 2: Reports in Plain English
Topic 3: Letters in Plain English
Topic 4: Newsletters in Plain English

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