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The Australian College, Professional Children’s Writing course will teach you how to be a better writer, how to write for the different children’s book genres and age groups, and how to market your stories so that editors will publish them. And one of the best things about this course is that your trainer is Margaret Clark, one of Australia’s most successful children’s authors.

Career opportunities include: Children’s Fiction Writer, Children’s Non-Fiction Writer, Children’s Picture Book Writer, Children’s Chapter Book Writer, Children’s Short Story Writer.

When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Diploma of Professional Writing (Children’s Writing and Publishing).

Course Fee and Duration

Module 1: Foundations of Children’s Writing

Reading 1: So You Want to Write for Children
Topic 1: Welcome to the World of Writing for Children
Topic 2: Children’s Writing and You
Topic 3: Genres in Children’s Writing
Topic 4: Viewpoints You Can Use
Topic 5: Understanding Your Goals

Reading 2: Getting Ideas for Stories
Topic 1: What Can I Write About?
Topic 2: Organise Your Ideas
Topic 3: What Is Your Story About?
Topic 4: Establish the Setting

Reading 3: Writing Picture Books
Topic 1: Why Write a Picture Book?
Topic 2: Putting Together a Picture Book
Topic 3: Choosing a Great Topic
Topic 4: Keys to a Successful Picture Book
Topic 5: Words Still Matter!
Topic 6: Pictures and More
Topic 7: Check List for Your Story
Topic 8: Presenting Your Manuscript to the Publisher

Reading 4: Writing Chapter Books
Topic 1: Who Are Your Readers?
Topic 2: What Are Chapter Books?
Topic 3: Subject Matter for Chapter Books and Children’s Novels
Topic 4: Characters
Topic 5: Beginnings, Middles and Ends
Topic 6: Writing a Story for Children — Checklist

Module 2: Creating and Writing

Reading 1: Creating Living Characters
Topic 1: The Main Character
Topic 2: The Other Characters
Topic 3: Writing Dialogue
Topic 4: Some More Tips

Reading 2: Writing Fun Non-Fiction for Children
Topic 1: Getting Started
Topic 2: Non-Fiction Picture Books for Emergent Readers
Topic 3: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Reading 3: Genre Writing and Teen Fictions
Topic 1: What is Genre
Topic 2: Teenage Fiction
Topic 3: Make Them Laugh
Topic 4: Other Genres
Topic 5: Developing Your Own Writing Style

Reading 4: Writing for an Education Market
Topic 1: What is Educational Publishing?
Topic 2: Is Writing Educational Texts For You?
Topic 3: Publishing Specifications

Module 3: Children’s Writing Industry

Reading 1: Manuscript Editing
Topic 1: What Is Editing?
Topic 2: Attention to Detail
Topic 3: Valuable Feedback
Topic 4: Laying Out Your Manuscript

Reading 2: Getting Published
Topic 1: The First Steps
Topic 2: How to Find Your Publisher
Topic 3: Proposals or Manuscripts?
Topic 4: Do You Need an Agent?
Topic 5: Formatting Your Manuscript

Reading 3: Books, Contract and Payment
Topic 1: After Rejection Comes Acceptance
Topic 2: Contracts
Topic 3: Copyright
Topic 4: Should You Make Writing Your Career?

Reading 4: Promoting your Children’s Book
Topic 1: Marketing Your Work
Topic 2: Grants, Awards and Other Ways to Earn a Living
Topic 3: Meet Other Writers
Topic 4: Get Organised

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