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Professional Writing & Editing Upgrade (Prerequisite PW)


The Australian College, Professional Writing & Editing Upgrade course is a detailed writing course that is incredibly comprehensive. You will learn about different kinds of writing; writing styles; how to draft out non-fiction pieces, edit and fine-tuning your work; how to lay out technical documents and writing content for web pages.

There are two pathways into this course:

Pathway 1: Direct entry into the Advanced Professional Writing and Editing Course

Pathway 2: Completion of the Professional Writing and Editing Course then completion of the Professional Writing and Editing Upgrade Course

Both pathways cover the same subjects and materials, and both end in the same result. Pathway 1 is for those who are committed to the full program; Pathway 2 is for those who aren’t certain if they want to go the entire distance.

Career opportunities include: Professional Writer, Freelance Writer/Editor, Literary Editor.

When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Diploma of Professional Writing (Advanced Writing & Editing).

Course Fee and Duration

Module 4: Creative Writing

Reading 1: Short Story Writing I
Topic 1: A Brief History of the Short Story
Topic 2: The Basic Elements
Topic 3: From Fact to Fiction
Topic 4: Redrafting Your Work
Topic 5: Glossary
Topic 6: Readings
Topic 7: Resources

Reading 2: Short Story Writing II
Topic 1: The Elements Revisited
Topic 2: More about Writing
Topic 3: Rewriting Your Stories
Topic 4: Readings

Reading 3: Writing and Mythology
Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Myths and How Writers Use Them
Topic 3: Archetypes and How Writers Use Them
Topic 4: Resources

Reading 4: Myths and Symbols in Writing
Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Figurative Language and the Use of Symbols
Topic 3: Symbols In Literature
Topic 4: Resources

Module 5: Writing for a Market

Reading 1: Screenwriting I
Topic 1: Introduction to Screenwriting
Topic 2: Structure in Screenwriting
Topic 3: Point of View
Topic 4: Characterisation
Topic 5: Dialogue
Topic 6: Screen Devices
Topic 7: Developing a Screenplay
Topic 8: Research
Topic 9: The Synopsis
Topic 10: Treatment
Topic 11: The Scene Breakdown
Topic 12: Resources

Reading 2: Screenwriting II
Topic 1: Markets for Scripts
Topic 2: Developing the Script
Topic 3: Writing the Script
Topic 4: Resources

Reading 3: Role of the Editor
Topic 1: The Editing Role and Tasks
Topic 2: Using Style Manuals, Guides and Sheets
Topic 3: Copyediting and Proofreading
Topic 4: Language
Topic 5: Organising a Text
Topic 6: Technology and the Editor

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