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You will learn all about your role as a short story writer, how to communicate to a reading audience, how to network and present stories to the market. And you will learn about pace, rhythm, tone, transitions, point of view, dialogue, characterisation, use of narrative, setting, story structure and more.

“Master the form of the short story, and you can write anything”.
Jennifer Dabbs, (Interview – 24 May 1996)

Career opportunities include: Short Story Writer, Professional Writer, Freelance Writer.

When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Certificate in Professional Writing (Short Story Writing).

Course Fee and Duration

Module 1. Foundations of Writing and the Industry

Reading 1: Overview of the Writing Industry
Topic 1: Industry Overview
Topic 2: The Writing Industry and You
Topic 3: Forms of Writing
Topic 4: Where the Work Is
Topic 5: Network Contacts
Topic 6: Tools and References

Reading 2: Short Story Writing
Topic 1: A Brief History of the Short Story
Topic 2: Introduction to the Elements of Short Story Writing
Topic 3: From Fact to Fiction
Topic 4: Redrafting Your Work
Topic 5: Resources

Module 2: Refining your Short Story

Reading 1: The Art of Writing Your Stories
Topic 1: The Elements Revisited
Topic 2: More about Writing
Topic 3: Rewriting Your Stories
Topic 4: Resources

Reading 2: Elements of the Contemporary Short Story
Topic 1: Elements of Contemporary Short Story
Topic 2: Writing, Editing and Workshopping Stories
Topic 3: Communication and Presentation Protocols
Topic 4: Presentation
Topic 5: Resources

Reading 3: Polishing Your Stories
Topic 1: Writing and Refining Your Stories
Topic 2: Identifying Your Writing Markets
Topic 3: Public Presentation
Topic 4: Resources
Topic 5: Check Your Progress

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