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Sports Journalism & Match Reporting


The Australian College Sports Journalism & Match Reporting course, will teach you how to write structured articles, conduct interviews, prepare features, write match reviews and submit your work to editors.

You will learn how sports journalists do their job, how they interview players and competitors, how they get lively quotes, how they write exciting match reports and how they get them published with their name underneath. It doesn’t matter what the sport is because just about any sport has a market.

Career opportunities include: Freelance Sports Journalist, Sports Writer, Match Reporter, and Sports Marketer.

When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Diploma of Journalism (Sports Journalism and Match Reporting).

Course Fee and Duration

Module 1: Foundations of Sports Journalism

Reading 1: Introduction to The World of Sports Journalism
Topic 1: The Role of the Sports Journalist
Topic 2: Establishing Your Goal

Reading 2: The Sports Journalist’s Personal and Material Essentials
Topic 1: What you Need to Succeed as a Sports Journalist
Topic 2: A Sports Journalist’s Toolkit

Reading 3: Writing Sports News, Match Reports and Round-Ups
Topic 1: The Three Main Types of Sports Story

Reading 4: Sports Feature Writing and Interviewing
Topic 1: The Sports Feature
Topic 2: Getting Started
Topic 3: Interview Techniques
Topic 4: Conducting the Interview

Module 2: Develop Communication and Research Skills

Reading 1: Style Matters
Topic 1: Writing With Style
Topic 2: House Style
Topic 3: Grammar Gremlins

Reading 2: Sports Journalism Research
Topic 1: Research Tips and Techniques
Topic 2: Home-Based Resources
Topic 3: Internet Research
Topic 4: External Resources

Reading 3: Defamation and Copyright Laws for Sports Journalism
Topic 1: Defamation Defined
Topic 2: Confidentiality
Topic 3: Court Reporting
Topic 4: Copyright
Topic 5: Plagiarism

Reading 4: Marketing the Sports Story
Topic 1: Selling in the Mainstream Market
Topic 2: Cash With Strings Attached
Topic 3: The Overseas Market
Topic 4: Dealing With Rejections

Module 3: Writing for the Media

Reading 1: Writing for Radio, TV and the Web
Topic 1: The Television and Radio Markets
Topic 2: TV/Radio Writing Techniques
Topic 3: Writing for the Web
Topic 4: Further Learning Resources

Reading 2: Sports Public Relations
Topic 1: Making Sports Journalism Pay
Topic 2: PR Journalism
Topic 3: Books and Ghost Writing
Topic 4: Writing a Biography

Reading 3: Succeeding as a Sports Journalist
Topic 1: Turning Losers Into Winners
Topic 2: Minimising Rejections
Topic 3: A Final Review of the Basics

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