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The Australian College┬áTravel Writing & Photography course is an intensely practical course. You will learn how to write travel articles while on the go overseas, how to put together articles while trekking around the countryside, and how to write destination pieces after you’ve returned from holidays. Travel writing, ah… this is the life!

Career opportunities include: Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Travel Journalist.

When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Diploma of Journalism (Travel Writing and Photography).

Course Fee and Duration

Module 1: Introduction to Travel Writing

Reading 1: The World of Travel Writing and Photography
Topic 1: Introduction to Travel Writing and Photograph
Topic 2: The Travel Journalist’s Role
Topic 3: Getting Published
Topic 4: The Rewards of Travel Journalism
Topic 5: Writing a Travel Article
Topic 6: Your Travel Writing Toolkit

Reading 2: Writing for the Media: Structure of an Article
Topic 1: What you Need to be a Travel Writer
Topic 2: Promotional Trips
Topic 3: The Structure of an Article
Topic 4: How an Editor Assesses Your Article

Reading 3: The Travel Writer and Photographer’s Words and Picture Needs
Topic 1: Basic Equipment Needs
Topic 2: The Internet
Topic 3: Creating Words and Pictures with Style
Topic 4: House Style and Other Conventions

Reading 4: Selling to Local and Overseas Publications
Topic 1: Selling Yourself and Your Work
Topic 2: Selling to Overseas Publications
Topic 3: A Basic Freelance Contract
Topic 4: What You Have Learnt from This

Module 2: Developing Your Writing and Research Skills

Reading 1: Writing Travel Features
Topic 1: The Travel Feature
Topic 2: Using Quotes in your Travel Features
Topic 3: Writing with Tense in Mind
Topic 4: The Language of Your Feature Story

Reading 2: Interviewing Techniques for Travel Writers
Topic 1: Quotes
Topic 2: The Conversational Approach
Topic 3: The Formal Interview
Topic 4: Handling the PR Pressure
Topic 5: A People Policy

Reading 3: Research and the Internet
Topic 1: Research and Sources
Topic 2: Seek the Statistics First
Topic 3: Home-Based Research Resources
Topic 4: External Research Resources

Reading 4: Defamation, Copyright and Ethics
Topic 1: What is Defamation?
Topic 2: Con´Čüdentiality: a Mixture of Ethics and Law
Topic 3: Copyright

Module 3: Professional Approach to Travel Writing

Reading 1: Writing and Photographs – The Package
Topic 1: ‘Packaging’ Your Articles
Topic 2: The Art of Travel Photography
Topic 3: Plan Before You Go
Topic 4: Photographic Resources

Reading 2: The Travel Writer’s Market
Topic 1: The Travel Journalists’ Newspaper Market
Topic 2: The Right Publication, the Right Department
Topic 3: The Magazine Market
Topic 4: Query Emails
Topic 5: The Television and Radio Market
Topic 6: Further Learning Resources

Reading 3: PR, Journalism and Writing a Travel Book
Topic 1: Beyond the Mainstream Market
Topic 2: The Role of Public Relations
Topic 3: Writing the Travel Book

Reading 4: Essentials of Travel Writing Success
Topic 1: A Review of the Basics
Topic 2: Photography Hints
Topic 3: Becoming a Successful Travel Writer

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