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In the Australian College Wedding Photography course, you will learn about the world of wedding photography, how to prepare for a wedding shoot, and how to increase your confidence in setting up your own wedding photography business.

Career opportunities: Professional Wedding Photographer.

When you successfully complete this course, you will be awarded the Australian College Diploma of Photography (Wedding Photography).

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Module 1: Prepare, Shoot & Style

Reading 1: The World of Wedding Photography
Topic 1: Introduction to Wedding Photography
Topic 2: Logistical Planning
Topic 3: Equipment for Wedding Photography
Topic 4: Photographic Styles for Weddings

Reading 2: Preparing for the Wedding Shoot Composition and Posing
Topic 1: Photographic Composition and Posing
Topic 2: Basic Principles of Light
Topic 3: Equipment and Materials
Topic 4: Posing for Photographs

Reading 3: The Wedding Shoot
Topic 1: Shooting a Wedding Ceremony
Topic 2: Different Styles of Weddings
Topic 3: Shooting a Wedding Reception

Module 2: Edit, Present & Sell

Reading 1: The Wedding Album
Topic 1: Post Production Wedding Photography
Topic 2: Digital Colour into Black and White
Topic 3: Filters and Image Processing
Topic 4: Presentation

Reading 2: The Business of Wedding Photography
Topic 1: Establishing a Wedding Photography Business
Topic 2: Establishing the Business
Topic 3: What to Charge for Your Work
Topic 4: Customer Satisfaction

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