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The Advanced Professional Writing and Editing course is an ideal course if you have already undertaken a creative writing course, a short story course or any general writing course; however, you can certainly undertake this course even if you have no previous experience.

You will need an aptitude for writing and reading, though. Keep in mind, this is a writing course for people who really want to learn advanced writing skills. It is even suitable for those wanting to progress and undertake a degree in writing through university.

There are two pathways into the Advanced Professional Writing and Editing Course:

Pathway 1: Direct entry into the Advanced Professional Writing and Editing Course

Pathway 2: Completion of the Professional Writing and Editing Course then completion of the Professional Writing and Editing Upgrade Course

Both pathways cover the same subjects and materials, and both end in the same result. Pathway 1 is for those who are committed to the full program; Pathway 2 is for those who aren't certain if they want to go the entire distance.


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Entry Requirements
  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A good command of written English
  • Ability to allocate appropriate study hours per week

If you have these essential requirements then you can get started immediately.


When you successfully complete your course you will be awarded the Australian College Diploma of Professional Writing (Advanced Writing & Editing).

Qualification Pathways
  • Complete the required training and the assessment requirements
  • Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)
  • Apply for Credit Transfer (CrT)
Career Opportunities

Professional Writer, Freelance Writer/Editor, Business Writer.

Course Summary
Course Code:
Delivery Mode:
Online and Flexible delivery
Assessments may vary according to each subject, but may include one or more of the following:
  • Short answers questionnaires
  • Written tasks/Written essays
  • Multiple choice/true or false questions
  • Workplace hours
  • Scenario-based case studies, practical projects with product or software, documents or diagrams.
Qualification Gained:
Diploma of Professional Writing (Advanced Writing and Editing)
Nationally Recognised:
National Code:
Awarded By:
Australian College
What Our Students Say

"During the course I was working full-time and even had a baby! I would recommend the college to anyone who needs to study at their own pace, not the at the pace of the college."

Yvonne Clarke, 13th August 2013

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I am confident it has provided me with the necessary skills to further develop my writing career.

The staff and tutors have been very helpful and the course content is very informative, providing lots of helpful tips. I have learnt so much, had one short story published and I am excited to apply my new skills and knowledge into continued writing projects in the future.

Thank you!"

Veronica Dayman, 5th February 2014

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Subject Descriptions

Unit 1 - Writing Skills
Reading 1 - Overview of the Writing Industry
Writing and its history
The writing industry and you
Writing categories
The business of writing
Reading 2 - Computer Skills for Writers and Editors
A safe computer environment
Computers and the writer / editor
Basic computer operations
Word processing
Advanced computer features
Reading 3 - Editing: Grammar I
Parts of speech
Problems with parts of speech
Parts of a sentence
Reading 4 - Editing: Grammar II
Evaluating punctuation
Producing documented material
Style: conventions and techniques
Unit 2 - Non-Fiction Writing
Reading 1 - Non-Fiction
Introduction to non-fiction writing
Basic techniques
Observation, reporting, and interview strategies
Writing for different audiences
Reading 2 - Writing for Public Relations I
Planning the writing process
Public relations tools
Developing the message/media outline
Writing internal communication plans
Writing internal communication publications
Reading 3 - Writing for Public Relations II
Effective report writing
Writing support materials
Developing direct mail material
Speech writing
Corporate identity programs
Writing effectively for financial applications
Unit 3 - Writing for Industry
Reading 1 - Cooperate Writing
Corporate writing essentials
Everyday business documents
Reading 2 - Technical Writing
Introduction to technical writing
Writing in plain english
Writing technical materials
Business writing techniques
Instructional writing techniques
Writing policies and procedures
Reading 3 - Writing Content for the Web
Website foundations
Designing your website
Publishing your website
Maintaining your website
Reviewing content for update
Unit 4 - Creative Writing
Reading 1 - Short Story Writing I
A brief history of the short story
The basic elements
From fact to fiction
Redrafting your work
Reading 2 - Short Story Writing II
The elements revisited
More about writing
Rewriting your stories
Reading 3 - Writing and Mythology
Myths and how writers use them
Archetypes and how writers use them
Reading 4 - Myths and Symbols in Writing
Figurative language and the use of symbols
Symbols in literature
Unit 5 - Writing for a Market
Reading 1 - Screenwriting I
Introduction to screenwriting
Structure in screenwriting
Point of view
Screen devices
Developing a screenplay
The synopsis
The scene breakdown
Reading 2 - Screenwriting II
Markets for scripts
Developing the script
Writing the script
Reading 3 - Role of the Editor
The editing role and tasks
Using style manuals, guides and sheets
Copyediting and proofreading
Organising a text
Technology and the editor
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