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Amazing Facts About The Aurora

  • At the South and North Magnetic Poles of Earth, you can see the sky light up, flash and shine - this is called the Aurora. In the North Pole, it's known as the Aurora borealis or the ‘Northern Lights.’ In the South Pole, it’s called Aurora Australis or the ‘Southern Lights.’
  • The Aurora Borealis is named after a Roman goddess of the dawn -Aurora, and a Greek term for ‘wind of the north,’ Boreas. This term was coined by Galileo in 1619.
  • The Aurora Australis has features that are almost identical to the Aurora Borealis and is visible from high southern latitudes in Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia.

If you have a strong passion for Travel & Tourism and would like to create amazing travel experiences and guide people on their dream holiday to see beautiful sights such as the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis, you could turn your passion into a career! Study a Tourism & Travel Course online and Take 30% off your course!*

Learn how to take amazing photos of this spectacular and mystical phenomenon! Study a photography course to enhance your artistic and technical skills and make the leap from hobbyist to professional.

*Terms & Conditions Apply


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Posted by Australian College on
Studying with a friend, when done right can have numerous advantages compared to studying alone. Working with someone else provides a safe place to ask questions and admit confusion. These are the amazing benefits when you study together:
  • More support and motivation
  • Increases learning & knowledge retention
  • Open discussions can enhance thinking skills
  • Develop new perspectives that can help in generating new ideas and solving problems
  • Gain workplace skills
  • Discover new methods of taking notes
  • Make learning more fun!
  • Develop a stronger bond with your friend.
You and your friend may have different interests so we give both of you an option to enrol in two different courses. Take a look at our extensive course catalogue - there are over 120 nationally accredited and personal development online courses that will help meet your educational and career needs.

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Posted by Australian College on
Dual Qualification is a nationally recognised and accredited course which combines two different certificates or diplomas into the one comprehensive course. This allows you to pursue a wide variety of career opportunities.

What are the other benefits?
  • Receive two separate nationally accredited certificates or diplomas.
  • Learn and become competitive in two areas that you’re passionate about.
  • Have the flexibility to shift to various disciplines and industries.
  • Study in a shorter period of time than completing two separate qualifications separately.
We offer over 25 dual qualifications across the Accounting and Finance Faculty, Business & Management Faculty, Fitness, Health and Sport Faculty, Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Faculty and the Information Technology Faculty. Browse through the faculties to find the right dual qualification for you:
Read the related blog post: Dual Qualifications - Double the Reward without Doubling the Study!

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Posted by Australian College on
  • Data Entry Skills
    Know how to keep up with technology and being able to add data in an accurate and timely manner. This is going to benefit you greatly.
  • Communication Skills
    Being able to communicate with everyone easily and effectively will make your job and the people you work with a lot easier.
  • Know Bookkeeping Principles
    Understand accounting language and have the skills and education to undertake your role.
  • Strong Organisation Skills
    Being able to organise and maintain financial records is very important.
  • Attention to Detail
    A simple mistake in one area can cause bigger issues down the track so great attention to detail is needed to ensure you perform well in your role.
These are things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about becoming a bookkeeper.

The FNS40215 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping course is designed so that you will be able to practice the knowledge and skills you have learned. As you progress, you will gain valuable insights into the world of finance so that you are ready to provide your clients with quality services.

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Posted by Australian College on

Are you a people person? It's about time to leverage the skills you already have and consider a career in Customer Engagement.

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to deeply connect with them by going above and beyond, fulfilling their needs, and creating excellent service experiences. This does not only improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty but also help make the business succeed.

Learn to deliver legendary customer service! The BSB20215 Certificate II in Customer Engagement course can increase your employability skills through effective communication and the ability to be remarkably organised at work. Suggested pathway for further study after completion of this qualification is BSB30215 Certificate III in Customer Engagement.

This course provides you with the necessary skills to mediate complex customer interactions under supervision with some authority to delegate. It has been developed against national requirements and is nationally recognised.

Customer Engagement

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