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You are someone who absolutely loves being around kids. Working with children and helping nurture the minds of the future can be challenging but also highly rewarding. You are someone who understands the importance of helping develop the minds of the future.

You are a Great Communicator

No matter whom you talk to, you know just how to communicate effectively so that the other person fully understands your point of view. Being someone who can communicate effectively is key in this industry, as you will need to explain things to young children to help them understand and answer their curious questions clearly.


Like a lot of industries, the Childcare industry can be quite challenging. As someone who wants to work in childcare, you will need great patience, tolerance, an easy-going attitude, and be a happy, positive person. You will encounter dirty diapers, tantrums, crying plus more, but if you have the patience and tolerance to deal with these sorts of fiascos, you will be perfectly fine.

Always Willing to Learn

The Childcare industry is always changing so you will need to be constantly willing to improve, learn and develop your skills. This includes first aid, which is a compulsory component of every childcare centre. It is important to also note that the training packages update every few years and it is pivotal to stay current in the industry.

Childcare Workers are in Demand

The Childcare industry has great employment aspects, as it is one of the most in demand industries in Australia and also in other countries around the world. This means that this is a reliable and steady source of income in a continuously booming and growing industry.

Flexible Working Hours

If you want a great work/life balance, then childcare is definitely for you. You are able to choose when you want to work based on the childcare centre’s program schedule.

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Eat these foods to help you maintain a healthy brain, increase your focus and boost your memory. Add these delicious foods to your daily regimen and feel the benefits.



Blueberries are amazing tasting fruits that contain high antioxidants including vitamins C and K. The antioxidants in blueberries help with blood circulation, which then helps with an increase in focus. Blueberries may also help protect against heart disease and dementia as well as reducing the signs of ageing. 


Avocados might have a bad rep for being a fatty food but they’re the good kind of fat – monounsaturated fat. This type of fat helps enhance communication between the brain cells promoting healthy blood flow. Avocados are also full of potassium and vitamin K, which help protect the brain from risk of stroke.


Fish, especially salmon, is high in omega 3 essential fatty acids that help strengthen the connection between the cells and also contains anti inflammatory substances which ultimately assists in healthy brain function. 

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are always a good snack when you’re on the run or study snacking. What a smart idea in the first place! Nuts and seeds contain vitamin E and corresponds with less cognitive decline as you get older. Walnuts are mostly known to be sourced with their high level of antioxidants that help with high mental alertness. When snacking, make sure to choose unsalted nuts to keep your sodium levels at bay. 

Dark Chocolate

Yes, we said dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate, especially, can help improve blood vessel function, which then also improves cognitive function and memory. It can also improve your mood and may help to ease pain. The darker the chocolate, the more benefits but remember to eat this one in moderation!


One big super food that you should not miss out on is eggs. They contain all nine essential amino acids and are loaded with nutrients including the egg yolk so don’t throw it away! The yolk contains choline and lutein and are both vital for memory, thought and overall cognitive function.


Tea lovers celebrate! Tea contains many benefits including helping you think clearly and to help starve off mental decline. Your alertness may also increase due to caffeine being present in some tea varieties. Two to three cups will do it me thinks! 

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables should be eaten daily. They are full of antioxidants and carotenoids which boosts brain power, as well as containing folic acid that improves mental clarity. Broccoli is especially good as it has a good source of vitamin K that helps enhance cognitive function. American Academy of Neurology did a study on the “Associations of vegetable and fruit consumption with age related cognitive change” and concluded that, “High Vegetable but not fruit consumption may be associated with slower rate of cognitive decline with older age”. More green leafy vegetables for me, please!


This is general information only. Should you want to seek further proper advice for your nutrition and health, please consult a professional.


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Still on the fence about choosing to learn online? Here are some great reasons below on why you should choose to study online and complete your qualification at your own pace.

1. Choice
With online learning, comes a variety of courses to choose from. It’s important to do your research and checkout what your goals are so that you choose the right course and provider. Make sure that they have the latest government-training package if you are looking to do a nationally accredited course

2. Flexibility

Study anywhere, anytime wherever you like. You have the freedom to choose. You can save time and money travelling to a campus to study, you are free to study at home comfortably in your PJ’s or even travel to a nearby café and study over tea or coffee. Have you also got responsibilities? Then online learning is for you as you can balance your work and lifestyle around it. 

3. Networking Opportunities

Australian College have student forums that you can post in in relation to the courses. What’s more is that there are people from all around Australia and internationally that you are able to chat with and you can help each other with course materials etc. 

4. Savings

Online courses tend to be a lot cheaper than face to face courses. Online education is cost effective in the fact that you can pay using payment plans and get qualified at the same time. You can usually get a further discount if you pay in full as well. Online courses are also time saving as you don’t have to travel to campus as well as being able to complete the course as fast or as slow as you like.

5. Self Paced Learning

With online learning, you are able to work as fast or as slow as you like and start your career as soon as you like. Self paced learning can be an advantage to you as you can take the time to absorb and retain the information

6. Enhanced Learning Experience

There is no pressure in deadlines so you are able to take your time soaking up the course information and then complete the exams and assignments when you want to. Receive personalised support from tutors and trainers whom are currently working in the industry. Make sure you also look for a provider that has up to date materials for an even better enhanced learning environment.

7. Easy Access to Educational Materials

When choosing online courses, your course materials are all, well, online! As long as you have an internet connection and a working computer, you are able to learn online wherever you are in the world. Access a world of information with a click of a button through the online learning portals.

8. Transfer Options

If you have done a previous course or have relevant industry working experience, you are eligible to apply for credits called Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). This will make completing your course that much faster and ultimately get your qualification faster.

As you can see, online learning has many positive benefits. Checkout the 150+ courses that Australian College has to offer and start your qualification today!

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Do you already go to the gym with your pre-planned workouts in your head or written down on your phone? Are you great with your diet? Do you already have a base knowledge about nutrition and have correct form when doing exercise?  You are almost there. You just need to get certified. Even if you’re none of the above and just want to educate yourself in fitness in general, that’s awesome too! No one should say no to learning something new! Enough talking from me, here are 5 awesome reasons to start a career in fitness.

You are passionate about fitness and you absolutely love to work out!

You’re probably already at the gym 4+ times a week and plan out your workouts in advance. This is what makes you feel good. With exercise goals in mind and unstoppable motivation, you are already inspiring to those around you. Imagine doing the above AND getting paid for it. Make your passion your career so it never feels like work. An even bigger plus is that you also get to spend the majority of your time at the gym so you can go and do some reps after you finish with clients. Great right?!

The fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries currently out there.

There is no doubt that the industry is growing. Everybody wants to be fit and healthy and who better to help them do that than with a qualified personal trainer? Fitness Australia reported (on page 44) on their Fitness Industry Workforce Report predicted that demand will surpass supply in 2020. People are now changing their lifestyles and are more concerned about their health. As the generations get older, fitness will be one of the first things on their mind. 

You are your own business 

With being your own business, you can choose to work with high flexibility whenever and wherever you like. You are free to do other things when you don’t have clients such as making time for family and friends, run errands or planning your next sessions.

Make a difference in people’s lives

One of the best things about the fitness industry is that you can make a positive difference in people's lives. The evidence is physical so you and your client are able to visibly see the difference and that makes a big impact on both you and especially the client. Being in the fitness industry is very rewarding. You are helping someone enhance their health and educating them about correct nutrition and correct exercise guidance.

The opportunity to work with people from all walks of life

The good thing about having different clients is that you get to meet all sorts of different and interesting people. One day you might have a client who is a doctor and on another day, someone who works in the food industry. This is great to give your social skills some working out as well! If you’re friendly and a great trainer, your clients will start talking to their friends and their friends will tell their friends to go to you if they need a personal trainer.

Start a career in fitness today! Find out more here.

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Given the universal interest in weight loss and fat loss you would think this question has a simple answer.

Of a survey completed on 150 doctors, dieticians and personal trainers the widespread answer in over 50% of the respondents was that fat is converted to heat and energy as it is broken down. Others suggested that fat was excreted in faeces or taken up by the muscle.
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The benefits of physical activity have been extensively reported in preventing chronic diseases. Physical activity is also an important intervention in weight loss or weight maintenance. Popular weight loss TV shows highlight the importance of high intensity exercise as a main contributor to the weight loss achieved by the contestants. The truth is that exercise without some eating changes might only marginally promote long term weight loss….. but why?
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Our campus based intensives are offered as either Full Time (day time) or Part Time (evenings), please download your brochure for details on all course structures and course dates throughout the year, or see below for upcoming course dates:

Full Time
20 February, 3 April
Part Time
20 February, 19 June

Full Time
6 March
Part Time
24 April


Your Exciting Future is waiting for you! 

Do you love being healthy and fit and encourage other people to do so too?

Are you passionate about helping others?

Do you want to make fitness your long term profession?

Are you looking for a career that will change not only those around you, but also yourself?

Join the Vision Personal Training family today! 

A Career Path Like No Other

At Vision, we pride ourselves in our extensive face to face and online training and development. Whether you want to become the best trainer you can be, mentor other trainers or even manage or won a studio, Vision caters for you. Even if you are not qualified, we can help you with that too. 

This includes:

  • Trainer Experience Program
  • 9 Week Mentor Program
  • Online ongoing trainer development
  • Weekly mentoring in your studio by your Manager/Franchise Owner
  • Sales Training
  • Studio Management Training

Checkout our careers page for more information or contact:

Nathan McCaffrey on 02 9542 8200

Vision Personal Training Caringbah


60 Blogs available as an ebook! 

Just refer someone to our Certificate III or Certificate IV in Fitness courses. 

Dr Paul Batman has written 6o articles on a number of fitness and health topics, ranging from muscle fibre recruitment to sedentary behaviour and optimal methods of weight loss. These blogs are suitable for personal trainers to read and discuss and to hand out as information sheets to clients. If a student you refer* enrols in either a Cert III or Cert IV in Fitness and names you as their referral, we will send you an eBook of all 60 blogs. Additionally, if you remain subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive several blogs a month for your own use. Enjoy :)

*conditions apply


....has launched! 

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle. This is achieved by increasing the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Creatine is a component of skeletal muscle and is named after the Greek word for meat, kreas.

Creatine (our online learning platform), developed by AC is where you will find all your learning materials including, comprehensive readings, lectures with audio, lecture handouts, practice quizzes, assessment items, video resources and more importantly, your student forum area in which you can ask questions that will be answered by real lecturers in exercise science and real industry experts.

Creatine is designed to supplement your campus based and workplace and practical experiences, making YOU a highly qualified fitness professional.

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