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Creative Writing


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Open your eyes to a whole world of Creative Writing. Have you always wanted to write but wasn’t sure how to do it or where to go with it? This Creative Writing Course will introduce you to writing, learn how to develop your own writing style, learn about and how to write for different types of genres and mediums plus informing you into how to get published once you are ready to release your work out into the world.

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Course summary

Qualification gained
Australian College Diploma of Professional Writing (Creative Writing)
Course code
Study mode
Flexible delivery (including online with some projects / activities and/or skills-based training)
Flexible duration (with an option to extend)
Up to 12 months
Study load
Start date
Start anytime
Assessment method
Short Answer Questions, Writing Assessments
Nationally recognised
Career Opportunities
  • Fiction Writer
  • Short Story Writer
  • Non-Fiction Writer
  • Poet
  • Children's Writer
  • Script Writer
  • Media Writer
  • Novelist
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Course fees

Payment Option 1 - $2,000.00 upfront*
Payment Option 2 - $300.00 Deposit then 20 x $100.00 Weekly = $2,300.00*
Payment Option 3 - Completely customise your own payment plan here.

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Course units

Unit 1 - Developing Your Creative Writing

Reading 1 - Creative Writing for Pleasure and Profit

Introduction to Creative Writing
Your Writing Menu
The Writer's Toolbox
Getting Started
Basic Grammar Points

Reading 2 - Structure in Your Writing

Your Writing Direction
Drawing On Your Experiences
Text Structure
Words Of Wisdom

Reading 3 - Finding Your Point of View

Introducing Point Of View
First Person Point Of View
Second Person Point Of View
Third Person Point Of View
The Various Uses Of Tense

Reading 4 - Character, Plot and Dialogue

Being Character Driven
Where Do Characters Come From?
Major and Minor Characters
Reasons For Using Dialogue
Features of Dialogue
Dialects and Unusual Speech Patterns
Setting Out Dialogue

Unit 2 - Creating a Writing Portfolio

Reading 1 - Plotting a Story

Developing The Plot
The Power Of Conflict
Drawing Up a Plan
The Blueprint: Basic Structures
Arranging The Story

Reading 2 - Atmosphere, Mood and Style

Creating a Sense Of Place
Authentic Descriptions
Symbolic Meaning in Description
Voice is Different From Voices
Making Your Work Original and Your Words Sing
Imagery, Metaphors and Similes
Pacing Yourself

Reading 3 - Writing Life Stories

Autobiography and Memoir
Writing Your Family History
Writing a Biography
Recommended Reading

Reading 4 - Writing Poetry

Poetry Today
Finding Inspiration
Learning The Craft
Different Types Of Poems

Unit 3 - Editing and Publishing Your Work

Reading 2 - Screenplays, Stage Plays, Television

Stage Plays
Screenplays For Film and Television
Film - Making Your Mark On The Big Screen

Reading 3 - Editing Techniques

Fellowships and Prizes
Writing Non-Fiction
Ghost Writing
Finding Your Way Around The Internet
Starting With The First Draft
Improving Your Draft
Evaluating Your Writing Style
Professional Editors and Assessors

Reading 4 - The Business of Getting Published

Writing a Book Proposal
Tracking Your Work
Do You Need An Agent?
Choosing The Right Publisher
The Role Of The Manuscript Reader
Final Words

Entry requirements

  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A good command of written English
  • Ability to allocate appropriate study hours per week

If you have these essential requirements, then you can get started immediately.

Student reviews

"I would thoroughly recommend Australian College to anyone who wants to learn something new, or add to the knowledge base they may already have on a particular subject.

There is a multitude of different courses to choose from that could take the individual in whatever direction they would like to take - be it for increased work opportunities or simply to stimulate the mind.

My thanks for helping me to open up a new direction in my life."

Tracey Marcelis

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Access course information, course career outcomes, payment options plus more.
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