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A wide range of hospitality, tourism and travel courses online in Australia

Nowadays, it seems like more and more career postings and possibilities are looking for applicants with some kind of certification or accreditation to their name. If you’re looking for hospitality and tourism courses online, then it’s a great idea to take a look at our Australian College options that we have on offer.

We offer a wide range of hospitality management courses online, as well as travel and tourism courses online that cover everything you need to know about engaging in the tourism and travel industries. Put simply, when you enrol in our programs, you’ll be learning valuable, real-life skills that will help you to gain a professional foothold in the career of your choice.

If you’re looking for online tourism courses in Australia, then we’re just the campus for you. We have a wide range of programs on offer, and it’s easy for you to preview our course materials and take a look at our online platform. Our online campus, Creatine, is a cutting-edge and industry-leading online learning environment that makes it simple and easy to learn over the internet.

There are various payment plan options for our hospitality management courses and travel and tourism courses online – you just have to choose which one suits you the best. You can also choose when you start and finish your courses, rather than sticking to a rigid syllabus that may not suit your schedule.

Our distance and online learning services are ideal for students in remote locations, who can’t easily get to a physical campus near them. Check out our site for more details.


Did you know?

The average yearly income within the hospitality, travel and tourism industry is:



Source: My Career, 2014, Salary Centre

Course Key
  • Dual Qualifications
    2 accredited programs into 1, double the reward without doubling the study
  • Professional Development
    Gain a nationally recognized, vocational education qualification (VET)
  • Personal Development
    Enhance your work, social, family, hobby or leisure experiences
  • Skill Sets
    Cost effective option for students who need specific industry knowledge
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