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Lose weight then start your own weight loss consulting business!

The Australian College Nutrition, Weight Loss Management and Consulting program will take you through all the elements of weight loss and provide you with the keys for success.

You will learn about digestion, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, weight loss supplements, what causes cellulite, fluid retention and so much more.

Learn the truth about exercise what works and what doesn't, how to develop muscle without exercise and how to burn more fat.

Learn about proteins, fats, carbohydrates and how to turn on the body's metabolism.

This course is packed with hundreds of pages of insightful information and practical activities to help lose weight. But this isn't just a weight loss course. You will learn about the body, metabolism, balancing the body's needs, what fuels the brain and what produces insulin.

From organic food to processed food, from thermogenesis to sleeping it's all covered.

You can use this course as the foundation to develop your own home weight loss consulting business. Help others to lose weight successfully and get paid. We've included some essentials for starting your own home weight loss consultancy business.

This amazing Course:
  • empowers you to take control of your own weight loss
  • explains to you how your metabolism works
  • includes The Grazing Diet meal plan with convenience menus for busy people
  • looks at alternatives available for people who cannot exercise
  • debunks weight loss myths and tells you the truth
  • is packed with tips, insights and goodies
  • explains why some people lose weight faster than others
  • provides you with the knowledge and skills to develop a career as a weight loss consultant or nutritionist
  • includes fun activities, interactive learning, personal feedback and support

Australian College is a nationally approved training provider for the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.


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Entry Requirements
  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A good command of written English
  • Ability to allocate appropriate study hours per week

If you have these essential requirements then you can get started immediately.


Upon completion of the course you will be awarded the Australian College Certificate in Health (Nutrition, Weight Loss Management and Consulting).

Qualification Pathways
  • Complete the required training and the assessment requirements
  • Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)
  • Apply for Credit Transfer (CrT)
Career Opportunities

Weight Loss Consultant, Nutritionist. With further development, you could become a Dietician.

A weight management course that works for you

If you’re looking for a weight management course that will not only help you to instruct and train others in managing their weight and staying healthy, but also helps you do to stay lean and fit, then you’ve found it.

At the Australian College, we have an affordable and information-filled course on offer that will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, exercise, supplements, how the body works and plenty of other important aspects of general weight management.

This course works excellently to give you a knowledge base with which to start your own home weight loss business, work with others to help the general public to lose weight, or whatever related career goals you may have. You’ll come out of our weight management course with a genuine and widely-recognised Australian College certificate. For more information about the content of this course, or for assistance with enrolment, please feel free to contact us.

Course Summary
Course Code:
Delivery Mode:
Online and Flexible delivery
Assessments may vary according to each subject, but may include one or more of the following:
  • Short answers questionnaires
  • Written tasks/Written essays
  • Multiple choice/true or false questions
  • Scenario-based case studies, practical projects with product or software, documents or diagrams.
Qualification Gained:
Certificate in Health (Nutrition, Weight Loss Management and Consulting)
Nationally Recognised:
National Code:
Awarded By:
Australian College
What Our Students Say

"I lost 9kgs following the principles taught, but more importantly I have made permanent lifestyle changes. The staff at the College were always helpful and responded promptly to any queries.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to learn about making weight loss by healthy lifestyle changes."

Helen Raisey, 13th January 2014

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Subject Descriptions

Unit 1 - Nutrition and Weight Loss Planning
Reading 1 - How Weight Loss Works: For You and Your Client
Introduction to weight loss
The portion approach to weight loss
How your digestion works
The five types of food
Foods that help with weight loss
The six essential elements
How much weight can you lose?
Weighing and measuring yourself
Your course program, tools and supplements
Explaining terminology
Reading 2 - Nutrient, Supplements and Foods
Food- glorious food!
Technology, marketing and politics
Essential vitamins and minerals for weight loss
Digestion and circulation
Low fat and de-fibred foods
Meal replacements -do they work?
Weight loss supplements -miracle or myth?
Fluid retention
Reading 3 - Meal Planning and Weight Loss
Choosing foods and planning meals
Energy balance through the day
Understanding portions
Article -chewing the fat
Guide to food additives
Organising and preparing meals
Socialising and eating out
Meal planning with the grazing diet®
Unit 2 - Exercise and Consulting
Reading 1 - Weight Loss, Body Composition and Cellulite
Changing your life
More weight loss with activity
Fluid retention workout
Adding physical exercise
Different exercise options
Adding weight resistance exercise
Non-exercise alternatives
Beating the plateau effect
What is cellulite?
Reading 2 - Weight Loss Management and Becoming a Weight Loss Consultant
Body image
The body principle
Food cycling
101 weight loss tips
Staying motivated
Activity - be careful, you might get to like it!
Maintaining your weight after weight loss
How to manage your lifestyle after weight loss
Starting a weight loss consulting business
Marketing yourself
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