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The Australian College Team

Meet the passionate people behind your College

Led by Jaye Richardson, CEO, the staff at Australian College, are a passionate group of professionals that work together for a common cause - your success.

From our IT staff, trainers and assessors, student services and administration staff, we pride ourselves in delivering the very best of customer service.

Jaye Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Jaye is the CEO of the Australian College. An outstanding Manager and Leader in her field, Jaye was the former National Manager of the Fitness Institute Australia (FIA), for over 12 years until its sale in 2010.

Jaye's main focus and drive has always been product driven, specialising in offering the very best student service and quality education possible. Testament to this is that fact that Jaye was famous for her ability to actually know the first name of every student that enrolled in a course (over 30,000+), during her 12 years at FIA.

Since 2010, Jaye has completed a number of vocational education courses herself and as a former track and field athlete decided to re-ignite her passion for running, it was on one of her many runs that Jaye came upon the idea to purchase a small college that she could mould into her idea of a student friendly, quality education course provider, hence the new Australian College was born.

In a very short time, Jaye finds herself the CEO of an extremely busy college that provides several thousand students with a quality experience across 10 faculties and around 100 courses under the watchful eye of over 60 staff, encompassing administrators, tutors, trainers, lecturers, assessors, course developers and compliance officers.

Her main focus is being able to deliver the best quality education at a reasonable cost. In this respect Jaye has managed in only the last 12 months to have developed a completely new virtual online campus, learning management system, new website and online database.

All course materials are being brought up to date, the college has a fresh new look and new home, with many new specialist courses, such as: Dual qualifications, skill sets and an array of professional and personal development courses. Campus-based courses began in 2016 at the main Sydney campus, with plans well established for further campuses in Melbourne, Auckland and even Dubai.

Australian College Administration Staff

Cynthia Ng

Digital Designer and Marketing Officer

Cynthia graduated from a Bachelor of Design Computing from the University of Sydney in 2014. She has experience working with various marketing teams in the finance, property, and now education sector. She is enthusiastic, loves to laugh and has a passion for creating.

Cynthia is excited to join the Australian College team as a Digital Designer and Marketing Officer and is currently working on a number of projects, including the design of all written materials, ongoing improvement of the AC website and online learning platform (creatine). Cynthia is also responsible for all advertising and marketing campaigns via Google ads and SEO.

Brodie Richardson

Administration Officer

Pamela Stevens

Deputy Principal

Pamela has awards for her customer service and always places the student as her priority focus. Coupled with her extensive experience in training and assessing, education is viewed as the prized product. Pamela has worked in highly regulated industries, including; Insurance, Security and for the last ten years – Education and knows the value of only dealing ethically and honestly.

Pamela, as our Deputy Principal is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the compliance for our College and that our College welcomes and values a students enrolment and that the student is supported through their course. Pamela is also responsible for the vision and the implementation of the learning and teaching strategies for all faculties and is involved in all aspects of the College’s strategic plan.

Pamela is well known for her ability to exhibit the capacity to lead our college through change processes relating to learning and teaching and actively contribute to and engages in all Leadership Team responsibilities. Pamela also contributes significantly to the management of the day to day operations of the College and is in constant liaison with the various heads of faculty across the campus. Pamela is also in charge of maintaining a professional learning data base for all staff professional learning activities.

VET Education
Diploma of Training Design and Development, Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Franky Tham

Information Technology Manager and Trainer

As the IT manager of Australian College, Franky oversees project management for all IT projects, develops project specifications, performs staff training, sets strategic plans to reach the milestones in line with the overall IT strategy. His extensive understanding of the role of IT in various facets of business operations and his expert knowledge in a range of IT products and services enables him to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the Australian College team through the use of various technological solutions.

His strong commitment to deliver the best quality IT systems for the benefits of all staff and students, and his innovative solutions to various IT issues have reshaped the role of IT at Australian College. This has resulted in the seamless integration between the IT systems and various aspects of daily activities of other departments in Australian College.

Franky has overseen a major upgrade of all hardware and software and has also launched a new Online Learning Management system, Student Management System and integrated web-based platform.

VET Education
ICT20115 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology, TAESS00001 Assessor Skill Set

Academic Faculty

Dr Paul Batman PhD, MSc., BSc., Dip Ed., DipPhysEd

Director of Education

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in the vocational education sector as a business owner, lecturer and course developer. Originally Paul worked for many years as a Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Sports Science and Physical Education at Universities throughout Australia, including UNSW and ACPE and is well recognised in the fitness industry having lectured to over 30,000+ prospective fitness trainers in a variety of settings.

Paul is widely known throughout the fitness industry as a "walking encyclopaedia" and the "father of fitness". Apart from co-authoring most of the fitness texts currently used by a host of other course providers, he has authored over 10 books and 100 magazine and journal articles. He has also presented at major international conferences in Australia, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom over the past 30 years.

After selling Australia’s pre-eminent fitness education provider the Fitness Institute Australia (FIA) in 2010, with his business partner Andrew Richardson, Paul has been extremely busy researching and developing a range of exciting new educational materials for a range of courses here at the Australian College.

Dr Batman's main current research interest is in: NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). In recognition of his contribution to the fields of education, exercise science, health and fitness at the tertiary and VET level, Paul was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 by Fitness Network.

VET Education
Diploma of Fitness (SIS50201), Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210), Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30210) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Kevin Troeger BHMSc (ExSc)

National Fitness Education Manager

In 25 years Kevin, has been involved in nearly every aspect of the Fitness Industry which has developed into a deep passion for training and educating people to achieve their goals.

A keen swimmer in his younger years competing at Metropolitan, State & National titles. Staring at a black line for 11 sessions per week and constantly smelling of chlorine caused him to move away from the pool and focus on his biggest sporting passions - Basketball and Martial Arts.

At 19 he suffered a serious lower back injury that incapacitated him for almost a year and was unable to walk, sit or lie down for extended periods without excruciating, debilitating pain. Osteopathy helped him on the road to recovery and highlighted the importance of good posture, correct strength training & flexibility.

His journey into correct postural alignment & functional efficiency began and this has been an ongoing area of focus & development for the past 23 years.

Kevin has now run his Personal Training business for almost 20 years. He was contracted to supervise the SOCOG training facility, trained Olympians and several celebrities in the entertainment industry, but takes most pride in having assisted people achieve their health & fitness goals, including rehabilitation from injury.

A Martial Arts practitioner since his early teens, Kevin has trained in many different styles but has been practising Wing Chun Kung Fu for over 16years.

For over 12 years as a lecturer in Fitness, Kevin has helped thousands of people gain the skills & knowledge needed to become certified and successful Personal Trainer.

VET Education
Certificate III in Sports Coaching (SRS30306), Certificate IV in Sport Coaching (SRS40206), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) and (TAELLN401A)

Melissa Becejski Bachelor of Science (Physiology)


Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science (Physiology) and has been running a successful personal training business to the locals of Bondi Beach since 2008, working from an array of venues such as commercial gyms, outdoor/mobile personal training to her own private studio.

Melissa’s passion for education within the fitness industry lead her to complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and became a fitness industry assessor with Physical Activity Australia, as well as being the education co-ordinator for EYE Fitness. Melissa has constructed several CEC courses for functional training equipment as well as martial arts and has presented and assessed personal trainers and group fitness instructors both nationally and in New Zealand.

Melissa boasts a long exercise and sporting history outlining over 10 years experience playing at a representative level for the Sydney Comets basketball association, 7 years boxing /kickboxing experience, 15 years weight training and has also competed and placed in bodybuilding for the IFBB Figure Novice Division.

Melissa is currently constructing her own CEC course, ebooks and online training platform for a specific female niche market of post surgery recovery training.

VET Education
Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210, Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30210) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education

Trainer and Assessor

With a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from The University of New South Wales, along with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Teaching By Distance Qualification, Dana-Lee has over ten years teaching experience across a range of New South Wales Primary and High Schools and tutoring numerous students privately and with Top of The Class Tutors.

Dana-Lee's experience as a trainer in Education Support has seen her work as an assessor at Open Colleges and The Open Training and Education Network.

Dana-Lee's work as a Screen and Media distance educator at The Open Training and Education Network has encompassed writing course materials, creatively leading course development, overseeing course writers, training and assessing.

Dana-Lee's work in film and television and award winning short films have led her to work as a face to face trainer and assessor, where she has written and delivered nationally accredited courses in directing, acting, production management and film production at North Sydney TAFE, Sydney Theatre School and Sydney Film School. Dana-Lee currently works for Teacher Training Australia, educating teachers how to make films.

VET Education
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Dr Mark Deaves Master of Osteopathy, Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)


Attaining peak physical performance in sport, as well as life, with minimal intervention has always been a core focus for Mark. Before becoming a well regarded Osteopathic practitioners Mark served as a Navy Clearance Diver in the Australian Defence Forces, as well as a personal trainer, gym manager and lecturer in the fitness industry.

Mark’s extensive training as well as past experience enables him to achieve excellent results with his patients in reducing pain, postural correction, injury rehabilitation and prevention as well as improved biomechanics.

Mark has always had a passion for sport and exercise. He represented the Navy in Rugby, Pistol shooting and netball. Since his navy days he has competed in natural body building, triathlon and A grade road cycling. Currently Mark enjoys a mix of running, cycling and weight training between work and dad duties.

VET Education
Diploma of Exercise Science, Certificate III & IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer, Enterprise Trainer - Presenting Skill Set (TAESS00007)

Corey Green MExerSc (Strgth&Condt), BSc, Level 2 ASCA


Corey has been employed as a personal trainer since 2007, by 2011 he had started his own personal training/strength and conditioning business, being responsible for developing and designing resistance training and cardiovascular-based sessions and programs to a wide variety of populations.

Corey has since completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, which then lead him to complete a Master’s Degree in Strength and Conditioning in 2013. While undertaking his Master’s Degree, Corey ran a successful business, attained a position as an assistant strength coach at West Perth Football Club as well as at the Western Australian Institute of Sport dealing with junior international water polo players.

Part of Corey’s Bachelor of Science was undertaken abroad at the University of Calgary in Canada where he worked closely with winter Olympic sports and helped trained some of the nation’s best athletes, giving Corey a diverse exposure to both winter and summer sports along with experience at the Olympic level. He has also worked alongside some influential strength and conditioning coaches at Fremantle Football Club, Australia’s highest level of completion for Australian Rules football. Corey has recently completed his Enterprise Trainer/Presenter Skill Set.

VET Education
Certificate IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer, Enterprise Trainer - Presenting Skill Set (TAESS00007)

Simone Hayes

Practical Lecturer

Simone has run a successful business since 2006, offering outdoor group fitness classes at various bush, urban and beach locations, as well as individualised personal training. She has a Cert IV in Personal Training, is registered with Fitness Australia and has received the nationally accredited Statement of Attainment - Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set.

Simone has completed countless general industry courses as well as specialist courses on nutrition for exercise, training older adults, diet, and clinical exercise prescription. With a keen personal interest in trail running, endurance training and nutrition for competing, Simone is also an accredited Athletics Australia Level 2 Recreational Running Coach.

Simone provides her clients with comprehensive fitness and nutrition education, empowering them to see their health and fitness as a long term project - not a quick ‘fix’ venture. She encourages clients to get out of their comfort zones by trying new activities – and has always led by example.

Simone believes that training in groups encourages great community spirit, team work and enthusiasm, which leads to trying new things together, creating active lifestyles and friendships which aid in long term exercise adherence.

Simone has constructed, developed and marketed several innovative programs including an online running coaching business, a gourmet calorie controlled meal delivery service, a 10 week weight loss and exercise program, beginner and advanced runner’s clinics, runner’s workshops tailored to specific races, BeachFit and other regular programs.

Prior to starting in the fitness industry almost 10 years ago, Simone achieved significant success in sales and marketing roles, and has formal management and marketing qualifications. She brings a diverse skill set to lecturing, and is passionate about helping new trainers understand the complexity of personal training as well as the important business/marketing side of the industry - so they can achieve long term success in the industry.

VET Education
Certificate III and IV in Fitness and Enterprise Trainer/Presenter Skill Set.

Melissa Healy Bachelor of Education


Melissa Healy is an experienced sessional academic and VET Trainer/Assessor. She has extensive experience in both the Early Childhood and Primary sectors for nearly 30 years in a range of teaching and leadership roles. She completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Western Sydney and is currently undertaking studies in the field of Psychology through La Trobe University and Master of Educational Studies through Federation University.

Melissa has been teaching and coordinating within the training sector for at least 28 years and more recently, within the tertiary sector. She has also published and edited several student/teacher learner materials within the Early Childhood Education and School Age Care qualifications.

Melissa is very passionate about the provision of enriching and sustainable learning environments, promoting children’s resilience and emotional wellbeing, supporting children from complex and vulnerable backgrounds, trauma informed care, engaging families, inclusive practices and pedagogical leadership.

Melissa is currently studying Master of Educational Studies (Research) through Federation University with anticipated completion in 2017/2018, and Bachelor of Psychological Science through La Trobe with anticipated completion in 2019.

VET Education
Diploma of Teaching, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, Statement of Attainment LLN Unit411 Literacy and Numeracy, Statement of Attainment PRT001 Identify and Respond to children and young person at risk

Susan Jones

Assessing/Tutoring/Mentoring Staff

Sue has had extensive experience and knowledge in Early Childhood Education and Care Sector, having has worked as a Director and supervisor in many service types including: Preschool; Long Day Care; Family Day Care; Out of School Hours Care; Supported Playgroups. Sue is passionate about providing children and their families with quality early learning experience and has kept her practice current through ongoing studies.

Her current role is in a not for profit community based preschool as the educational leader and director. Sue has particular interest in visual arts, sustainability, literacy, inclusion support and natural learning environments and leads a team of 16 educators and 2 support staff and values and respects the commitment of her team of early childhood educators and supports ongoing professional development and is happy to share her knowledge in these areas with colleagues.

Collaborative relationships with families and community are developed and nurtured within the preschool environment. Sue is committed to ongoing reflective practices to ensure inclusive high quality preschool curriculum is continually evolving.

Alexandra Kookarkin MHumNutr., BSc (ExSc)., BCom
Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist / ESSAM AEP


Alexandra Kookarkin is an energetic, Accredited Exercise Physiologist who lives in Cronulla, Southern Sydney. Her PT business is called Miss Fit Exercise and Wellbeing; which teaches Pilates; offers exercise prescription, including rehab for sports injury, at a physiotherapy clinic. Alex also lectures and trains professional dancers at the Ettingshausen Dance Academy.

Alex has a passion for health and fitness; enjoy motivating, having fun and training her clients. Her style of training is not to punish, but teach clients how to enjoy exercise and make it a part of their life. Many of her clients have become her dearest friends. Alex is a social person who loves people, sharing stories and entertaining others. Alex is also a competitive A grade tennis player and swimmer, and in 2015 completed the Gold Coast Marathon.

With a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from Deakin University, an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of Wollongong. Alex is a fully qualified and Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA); A qualified Personal Trainer and a Level 3 Pilates instructor (APMA).

TThrough the running of her own PT business, Alex has been able to share her love for healthy living with clients, employees, student interns and family. Alex conducts a number of un group and personal training programs, including Pilates, Mums & Bubs, sand hill running, weight training, cross fit and boxercise. Alex also run corporate programs for sedentary office employees at Caltex, Toyota and Thinkingworks.

Training families is a big part of her business, whether it is providing cardio and strength based PT to a busy executive father; Pilates to a young mum; or sand hill running to teenagers with their parents.

VET Education
Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210), Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30210) and currently completing a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110), APMA Level 3 Pilates instructor

Fiona Leard MsSpSc., Diploma Applied Science (Nursing)

Fitness, Health and Sport Department

Author of The Yoga Edge: Techniques to Maximize Your Soccer Game, and 40 Essential Soccer Stretches, Fiona is a Registered Yoga Teacher with a Masters Degree in Sports Science. Originally a Registered Nurse, she has a deep understanding of the mind and body, and a keen interest in the art of enhancing athletic performance.

Fiona blends her passion for Sport Science with a love of Yoga and Pilates, assisting elite and professional athletes to be the best they can be. She has competed as an athlete at national and international level, and through her personal pilates and yoga practice has experienced the benefits of unlocking the full potential of the mind and body, to complement training and prepare for competition.

Fiona is involved in Workshops and Teacher Training for Yoga Teachers and students. She works privately in Sydney with small groups and individuals, including; Sydney Football Club, Wests Tigers NRL team, NSW Waratahs Rugby Union Football Club, NSW Cricket, NSWIS Waterpolo, Olympic swimmers, NSW/ACT AFL Referees and Sydney Roosters NRL team.

VET Education
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110), Certificate III and IV in Fitness

Amy Lee Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, CPA Australia: "Fellow"

Trainer and Assessor

Amy holds an MBA from AGSM, a Fellow of CPA Australia and graduated at UNSW with Bachelor of Commerce (Merit). She was a Principal Consultant and Founder of two CPA Public Accounting Practices - Acting Management and Cohort Partners. Prior to that, she was the Commercial Director at Medacs Healthcare Group and Director of Finance, Asia Pacific with Odgers Berndtson.

In an executive capacity, Amy has over 15 years of qualified financial and management experience in strategies implementation, change management, due diligence, management and financial reporting, cash flow management, business development and business expansion especially in the Asia Pacific. She has successful track record in operational management in IT, HR and administration, by creating a productive environment and effective resource management to allow for growth.

Amy has a long history in teaching and very passionate in passing her skills and knowledge to the next generation. She is currently a Professional Year Trainer with Navitas Professional and a Sessional Lecturer at Curtin University and Macquarie University teaching Accounting and Business.

VET Education
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Lucy Mallia MA (Hons), BA (Hons) Human Movement, DipEd

National Education Manager

As our National Education Manager, Lucy is responsible for curriculum development, compliance management, communications planning and delivery and is the course coordinator for all campus based courses at the Sydney campus. Lucy has over 15 years in both the VET and Tertiary education sectors and is a highly respected teacher and lecturer in management, sport and exercise science.

Lucy’s passion for health and fitness began as an elite athlete, representing Wales in a number of sports. Her extensive sporting background, personal training and group exercise industry experiences, coupled with her postgraduate knowledge and teaching experience to instil self-empowerment and success in others and a highly professional teaching and learning style has seen Lucy win numerous awards for best teaching practice. In the fitness field Lucy specialises in teaching cardiac rehabilitation programmes, community and commercial fitness programs including; functional training, pre/post natal classes and Pilates. Lucy also takes customer-centric approach to education delivery and instilling the importance of health and fitness to all aspects of her student’s lives.

VET Education
Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (TAE5011), Diploma of Training Design and Development TAE50211, Diploma of Fitness (SIS50201), Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) and Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30210)

Shelley Marsland

Childcare Education and Support Lecturer (online and campus-based)

It is my goal as a dedicated early childhood professional, both in my training role and as an early childhood teacher to promote best practice and advocate for the rights of the child. I engage motivate and assist students with language, literacy and numeracy within the courses I teach. I act in the best interests of all students and children, providing an inclusive environment for all to thrive and learn to the best of their ability, through a fun learning rich environment.

As an experienced Early Childhood Teacher I have an extensive background in child care. I have a thorough working knowledge and understanding of the N.Q.S and E.Y.L.F. I promote the principles throughout my teaching practice. I adhere to and promote the Code of Ethics, keeping up to date with contemporary theory and practice and promote ongoing professional practice within staff teams. I focus on providing a challenging, fun and interesting program based on the genuine interests of the child and their culture.

Working within a professional team is very satisfying, however I am also highly productive and reliable when working on my own. I have recently completed all the audio for the AC lecture series for both Certificate III in Childcare and the Diploma of Childcare.

Leanne Mifsud

Trainer and Assessor

Over a span of 25 years, Leanne has gained invaluable knowledge and life skills in a wide range of areas including Legal, Local Government, Retail and Hospitality, Commercial Cookery and Agriculture.

Her "love affair" for training and development developed seven years ago whilst managing her own retail shops where she employed over 70 employees. During this time, with a desire to make a difference for people, the workplace and to be effectively inclusive with the community, Leanne managed and delivered training whilst working with people from diverse backgrounds and all organisation levels.

Leanne's dedicated work ethic with strong commitment to excellence and exceeding expectations has seen her career success.

Leanne also believes in giving back to the local community, especially as they supported her businesses. She is dedicated to volunteering at every opportunity and is often seen assisting in local charity events.

In recognition of her contribution to the local community, Leanne was part of a team who were presented with Australia Day Achievement Awards for Best Community Event of the Year (Marulan) in 2003 & 2011.

VET Education
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Retail Management, Certificate IV in Hospitality, Certificate III in Retail

Tenneile Pintabona Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Bachelor of Early Childhood (Child and Family Studies)

Trainer and Assessor

Tenneile has a passion for the Early Childhood industry. She has devoted the past ten years to working and studying in the industry.

Tenneile has held many job roles in both childcare centres and at private colleges.

Tenneile is passionate about helping learners further their education and fulfill their dreams of working in the early childhood sector.

VET Education
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Danielle de Plater BHealthSci (Honors class 2, division 1), BSc (Sport and Exercise)


Danielle began work at Active Solutions exercise clinic since its inception in 2011. Her roles include the design of individualized exercise programs, motivational interviewing with a focus on improving lifestyle behaviors and chronic injury rehabilitation.

Danielle has a particular interest in helping her clients make efficient and effective behavioral change. Danielle continually reviews the current evidence to ensure her programs and information are the current gold standard.

Danielle previously tutored for the University of Western Sydney, responsible for the tuition of Bioenergetics of Exercise and Fundamentals of Exercise Science. Danielle has recently completed her Enterprise Trainer/Presenter Skill Set.

VET Education
Enterprise Trainer - Presenting Skill Set (TAESS00007)

Alexandra Richardson BNursing (Clinical Hons)

Assessing/Tutoring/Mentoring Staff

Alex has been working in the fitness industry for over 7 years as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor while also working as an Operating Theatre Nurse in several hospitals across Sydney and Brisbane.

Alex developed a passion for teaching Pilates after completing Matwork, Reformer and Cadillac teacher training courses through Elixir Health Clubs and Studio Pilates International as well as numerous pre and post natal specialisation courses.

She currently utilises Pilates with a wide range of populations and has a particular interest in working with pre and post natal clients, athletes and those recovering from injury.

Alex is committed to ongoing professional development in order to keep up with the latest research and further develop her skills as a Pilate’s instructor and is currently undergoing a Certificate IV TAE course in order to teach and assess other Fitness Professionals.

VET Education
Diploma of Fitness (SIS50201), Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210), Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30210) and currently completing Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110). Advanced Pilates Instructor

Andrew Richardson MExerSc (Strgth&Condt), MSpSc., BSpSc., AssDipAppSc., Olympian

Director of Education

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in the vocational education sector as a business owner, lecturer and course developer. Previously Andrew worked for many years as a National Coach/Team Manager and State Coaching Director for the sport of Judo. He has also worked as a sessional lecturer in Exercise Science at the UNSW and UWS and is a well-known, popular presenter in the fitness industry, having delivered both practical and theoretical presentations to over 30,000 fitness trainers in a variety of settings. He has also presented regularly at international conferences in both Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

A former athlete in the sport of Judo, his competition record is formidable, including; 7 x Australian Middle Weight (86kg) and 3 x Open Weight National Champion, Oceania Champion, Commonwealth Games Bronze medallist, Pacific Rim Silver medallist. Andrew competed in numerous European Opens, 3 x World Championships and the Olympic Games (L.A., 1984). Andrew represented Australia for over 13 years on the international stage. During this time he lived, studied and trained in many countries, including; Japan, South Korea, Austria, Germany and the UK.

After selling Australia’s pre-eminent fitness education provider the Fitness Institute Australia (FIA) in 2010, with his business partner Dr Paul Batman, Andrew has been extremely busy researching and developing online course materials and resources and has been integral in the development of the Australian College website, online learning platform (Creatine) and the online student database. His main research interest is: Resistance Training for various populations (Children and the Elderly).

VET Education
Diploma of Fitness (SIS50201), Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215), Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) and Certificate II in Business (BSB20115)

Lachlan Rickards MClinPhys (Rehabilitation), BSc (Sport and Exercise)


Lachlan began work with Return 2 Work in 2014 as an Exercise Physiologist. He works as part of a multidisciplinary team to assist injured workers back to work in a timely, safe and durable manner.

In 2014 Lachlan completed his Masters in Clinical Physiology (Rehabilitation) and will be beginning a Masters in Physiotherapy in 2015, which will take him two years to complete.

Lachlan competes for Australia in Powerlifting, with a personal best squat of 235kg. Lachlan was awarded 2nd place in the National Championships for the under 93kg, juniors.

Lachlan has recently completed his Enterprise Trainer/Presenter Skill Set.

VET Education
Enterprise Trainer - Presenting Skill Set (TAESS00007)

James Wallace BSc (Sport and Exercise)


James has been the Director of Active Solutions exercise clinic since 2011. As the business evolved and additional services were being provided, he made the decision to open a new company, Return 2 Work, a multidisciplinary pain management and rehabilitation clinic specialising in Workers Compensation.

James is very keen on continuing education and has recently become accredited with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners to develop and deliver courses to Doctors.

James enjoys a variety of physical challenges. He has competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Power lifting and this year completed his first full marathon.

VET Education
Diploma of Fitness (SIS50201), Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT50307), Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice (HLT40312), Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210, Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30210), Certificate IV in Small Business Management (BSB40407) Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Gloria Wolf


As a passionate Early Childhood educator, Gloria prides herself as an experienced, highly motivated and inspirational tutor. Gloria looks for ways to motivate students to learn every aspect of the Early Childhood industry. She strives for students to learn about the Childhood industry with hands on approach to educate students on the real life events that occur in services around Australia.

With over 5 years experience being a educator at a service, Gloria has the knowledge and trust that her students will leave the classroom feeling confident, independent and motivated to step their foot into a service with all the knowledge required to full fill their job roles. She finds ways to further her knowledge by completing multiple workshops to enhance her knowledge in the industry, to provide quality care to the children in her care. Gloria is confident that she will provide Australian College with a best practice approach, ensuring that she is teaching our students the correct outcomes that are required for each course.

Gloria looks forward to tutoring students in the classroom at Australian College and implementing fun, enjoyable and educational experiences to keep students happy, on their toes and excited when they enter their desired job role when they complete their qualification.

VET Education
Diploma of Childcare, Certificate III in Childcare and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Australian College - where evidenced based research meets world's best practice."
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