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The feedback we received from our students

All Australian College graduates are given the opportunity to provide reviews of their learning experience at graduation through an official feedback form. We use these graduate reviews to tweak and adjust our courses, so that we can be confident that each new student becomes a happy and qualified graduate.

We have shared the reviews of our most popular courses in accounting, business and management, marketing, childcare, interior design, photography, health, travel, information technology and digital media, training and assessment and writing. Have a read of a recent sample of reviews, shared with the permission of the graduate.

Trustworthy college - easy to navigate website and student portal! I am eager to commence my Cert IV with them :)

I would rate the course as a good entry level point for people who have just started out in accounts or are keen to. The admin support team are brilliant! I have recommended the college and my friend signed up last year!“

Skye Hapke

I found this course to be very informative and filled many gaps in my past knowledge of bookkeeping. Thank you for all the assistance that was provided during the course.”

Anna Mills

I feel that the college delivers a high standard of materials and delivery of the course that I studied. I was impressed with the quality. I found the training to be more than adequate."

Christine Williamson

I found no faults in this course, from the reading material to the questions and assignments, the trainers and feedback were of high standard. I have already recommended you to others. You have the perfect training program for online study.”

Natalie Zlatkovich

FNS40611 Certificate IV in Accounting +
FNS40211 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping

I was happy with the way the material was presented. The online content was easy to navigate and gave me a thorough understanding of each subject/module.

I was worried about completing my studies as a distance student. The thought of not attending a campus and not having that classroom support, was a little daunting at first but the help I got from tutors was second to none. It made my course so much easier and I would highly recommend the College to other people who are keen to further their education. Communication with the college was great - emails were answered quickly. Correspondence with assessors was very helpful when required."

Mary Blunden

FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting +
FNS40215 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping

Overall I'm happy I chose Australian College to complete my studies. Whenever I did call, the staff were polite and happy to assist where they could, and the trainers were more then happy to assist you when needed."

Larney Hawkins

The material was comprehensive, clearly presented and minus the myriad of errors I have encountered with other colleges. The assignments contained highly relevant practical components that enabled me to apply the knowledge presented in each module to atual trading solutions.

The comments I received were both helpful and highly encouraging. I have very much looked forward to the return of each assignment. Having completed my course, I feel I have a very strong foundation on which to build a successful trading business."

Pamela Shimoda

I am very happy to recommend your college, it was very easy to sign up and administration was a pleasure to deal with. The course was well presented and easy to understand."

Thorsten Groos

I have researched everywhere for this subject and this is a top shelf course at an affordable price. There are no other courses on this subject that are relevant to beginners for the Australian Share Market within this price range.

The written material was really excellent and very easy to understand and the exercises were relevant to the readings. It would be great if there was a follow on course for intermediates."

Linda Leach

FNS30315 Certificate III in Accounts Administration +
BSB30115 Certificate III in Business

Thank you very much Lorraine. Your comments are encouraging me to put an even bigger effort into my study.”

Diego Saglia

Overall, great experience and I would highly recommend to my friends.“

Asini Walgampola

I have found Australian College to be easy and simple to navigate. Nothing was a worry if I needed support I could get that ASAP and it was great knowing that I had that on the spot support. Thank you!

The whole course was self-paced, the assignments were very relevant for the learning requirements and was very easy to navigate. I found that there are no need for improvement as the whole course itself was easy, simple and very relevant.

The trainers made good pointers for feedback. The tutors were amazing and always responded in a timely manner. I was given enough administrative support by the college via email or over the phone. Great Courses and excellent support. I would highly recommend Australian College to my friends!”

Jessey-Ann Wilson

Brodie’s understanding and amazing customer service (as well as the entire Australian College team) is greatly appreciated from this extremely satisfied learner. Thanks again – you're a superstar!”

Joe Guinea

Studying through Australian College allowed me to be as flexible as possible which suited my current employment. Their communication was fantastic. The feedback given on my assignments, especially by Ebony, was extremely helpful! I won't hesitate to study again with them!

Emillie Cullen

The Course was excellent! The training allowed me to work at my own pace, the feedback from the assessors was both informative and valuable. It was exceptional and clarified some of my uncertainties.“

Blanche Evans

I loved receiving feedback from the trainers. I am always excited waiting for their feedback. With how they respond, I know that they are reading through my entire coursework and they too have given relevant comments to my work.

I had such an amazing time, wonderful learning experience and best of all, it is exactly what I need with the work that I do. Fabulous experience overall!“

Alliana Serrano

Throughout the duration of my course the quality of my business skills has improved dramatically. It was exciting each time I was able to apply my learnt knowledge to the workplace, and to see my skills improve over time to a professional standard.

I am now so much more confident in my communication and my decision making. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I am looking to take on some more courses with Australian College in the coming months."

Kathie Lewis

My time with the Australian College was amazing. The inspiration and motivation to excel in my work was given with every assignment.

They encouraged me to believe and strive for the very best within my work. I enjoyed this course so much I recommended it to some friends looking into this course. This course was a good mix of everything and I feel confident to excel within my industry with the knowledge I am taking away from Australian College.

Thank you to the Administration team and to my Tutor for believing in me and helping me to achieve such an awesome qualification."

Jessica O'Healy

The course has been a significant help on the career I wished to pursue. Trainers are always fair in their comments and provided me with great information and constructive feedback that enabled me to reassess my learnings. They are proactive on responding to my queries. I was able to manage my own assessments and I appreciate the email to check on my progress.

My overall experience is very fulfilling and has motivated me to keep on track of my studies. Australian College certainly creates an opportunity to people and offers learning and training that focuses on relevant skills and has formalised my skills and knowledge to help build my career.”

Nova Waters

The course was delivered at a pace that was comfortable for me. This is really helpful so that I could do it at my own pace. The trainer has provided lots of thoughtful comments on concepts which I needed help with. I bothered the admin staff many times but I felt welcomed to pose any question each time."

Si Shi: Completed a Diploma in 5 months!

I have thoroughly benefited from this course. The strategies for handling challenging children, examples of sustainability projects and various unconventional concepts be it inclusion practice or be it leadership and management. I have achieved self-confidence and feel proud to be attached with your esteemed institution.

My trainers were very supportive mentors and true guiding principal. I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart, especially Ms Kellie Lewis for her timely reviews.

I suggested a friend of mine about Australian College and the course. She immediately enrolled and has begun with her Certificate III."

Dimpi Sanghavi

I enjoyed studying with Australian College. The course was clearly outlined. Due to working, I was able to study as the course is flexible. All my emails were answered in a timely manner. I had recommended the college to a friend and they also enrolled.”

Natasha Louise Leggett

Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to learn and excel in this course. Your staff including trainer were very extremely helpful and kind. I would highly recommend to study through Australian College.”

Saadia Tabassum

The course was laid out very well and easy to follow. Any questions I had were quickly answered. The best aspect of the training was being able to do it around my family. I have recommended Australian College to my friends. Thanks!”

Bianca Magill

I’m very happy with everything this course has to offer and I would study through Australian College again. I got to complete the course at my own pace while raising my children.“

Kristen Sage

I started my course in February 2018 as I was seeking a job in the childcare industry. Once I started my Diploma, I acquired deep understanding of educating and caring children. I got a permanent job in a good company while working towards my diploma. It was kind of win-win situation for me, permanent job + flexible study and affordable fees.

I always got prompt reply from the admin team. I highly recommend this course to everyone and I would like to thank Australian College for this opportunity.“

Gurveer Kaur

The course has very comprehensive content. I appreciate the extra exams/materials for study that were provided. The trainers were very responsive to queries and correspondence. Assignments were always returned in a timely manner, which is much appreciated.

I would recommend Australian College to my friends especially if they are in need of distance mode education, which the college delivers well.“

Ivanka Jerika Castelo

I have had an amazing experience while studying with Australian College, the trainers were always very helpful and supportive.

The best aspect of the training was being able to study at my own pace. When the trainers weren’t satisfied with my answer, they were helpful in guiding me to the correct answer.

I don’t feel there is an area that is in need of drastic improvement. I would highly recommend this course to work peers and friends.”

Stephanie Hilton

The best aspects of the training were being able to study in my own time and very helpful support staff.“

Kim Annette Neate

The best aspect of the training was being able learn on my own pace and finish the assignments and modules to have better understanding and learning. For me, everything was good and I was given help and guidance by the Trainers whenever I need them.”

Supriya Sharma

I’m very impressed with how quickly assignments were marked. The staff were always extremely helpful and provided very prompt responses!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the college and course. Every staff member I spoke to was extremely helpful and made my experience easy and enjoyable. The course material was presented very well! Thank you.”

Hannah Chisholm

I am so happy to do my Diploma with Australian College. All materials are relevant. I also want to thank the staff who were always very helpful.

Now I have a permanent lead educator job and I even run my nursery room. I feel so proud of myself!”

Sukhdeep Kaur

The course is well-designed to enhance my practical experience in the childcare industry. The course is presented in a very professional manner and the content was really relevant to the everyday work in the childcare setting. Assessments were based on realistic activities. I developed the skills I expected to have when I finished the course. Overall, I was very satisfied with the training. I don’t think anything needs improvement. I have already referred this course to four of my friends and will continue to refer to more of my friends. Thanks for your continuous support.”

Chetna Bhatt

The course suited my lifestyle still able to work full time while I study at home after work and during weekends.“

Azucena Borbajo

The best aspect of the training was being able to complete it online at my pace with plenty of help available if I need it. I was very satisfied with the training.”

Cherie Harris

I enjoyed studying and knowing when you put your mind to something you can achieve anything you want to.

I would recommend anyone to study through Australian College. The course was explained and set out so it was easy for me to follow. I was satisfied with how the course was run, there are no improvements needed. The experience I had working with children on my placement was perfect to complete my practices.

Thank you to Australian College for helping me fulfill my goal and achieve my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.“

Kaye Byrnes

The best aspect of the training was that they frequently ask if I am in the right track or if I need any help. I am very happy with the resources, materials and help.“

Ana Del Rio Parraga

I loved doing this course! It was very enjoyable and super simple. The course materials were easy to navigate and understand. The assignments were very relevant to the learning requirements and they were marked promptly. My emails were always answered within a day. The trainers were fantastic! They were friendly and helpful.

At first I was very hesitant about studying and I admit putting it off and procrastinating. But once I got started and saw how straightforward the course was, I was fine. I had a great learning experience! I would absolutely recommend Australian College to my friends."

Michelle McNamara

The Australian College trainers were fantastic with replying and getting back to emails. The staff were very understanding and helpful. They provided a lot of support. I feel the college delivers a high standard of correspondence education. I would 100% recommend Australian College to my friends!”

Tiani Kempster

Extremely happy with my trainer Sarah Fava! She was professional and very supportive and constructive in her responses. She was encouraging and very supportive in modules completed. Sarah marked and returned modules in a very timely manner.”

Kerry Dixon

Thank you for all of your help and support throughout my studies. I have really enjoyed gaining knowledge through this certificate!”

Sarah Gortat

I really enjoyed this course and was grateful for the constructive trainer feedback so thank you!

Samantha Webb

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my experience. At almost 50 and 30+ years since any education, I was overwhelmed at times but found the go at my own pace and ability to re-read and go back without any pressure a god send. It has actually given me more than just a qualification, it has given me confidence within myself that I can do new things and re-train and am looking at furthering my training because of my positive experience.

I found the assignments relevant to the learning requirements because I was able to use my own knowledge and experiences as basis for some activities and answers. I was also very happy with very quick assignment turnaround.“

Tracey Radley

Having recently completed the Certificate III in Education Support, I found the experience excellent. I was provided with great learning materials. The staff were always willing to help and guide on what to do.

It took me a lot longer to complete, but I received a lot of emails from time to time, to ask how I was doing and if I needed help. I found it very encouraging.

I would recommend Australian College to anyone with confidence to complete a top course with ease and flexibility.

Sithie'Shazna Ismail

I will definitely use the college again when I plan to further my skills in the child care industry. I can't thank you enough for your help. This was my first online study experience and I have always had great support."

Lisa Thies

The Australian College tutors were very helpful and inspiring. Coming from various backgrounds, they offered industry relevant information, trends, and ideas 'outside the box' at a level of which I would otherwise not have had access.

They helped me to focus on the individual topics through the assignments and extract the most out of the course, making it directly relevant to the industry."

Marnie Bernard

I really enjoyed the practical components. Working with people for the practical was a good experience."

Rory Kinlay

I'm pleased I chose Australian College to complete this course and I'm looking forward to completing my Certificate IV in Fitness with them too.

The Creatine system was great, Andrew provided detailed responses in a quick response time. Jaye was great, I had plenty of questions for her throughout the course which she always helped me with. I was impressed by how fast a question would be answered.

I liked the practical sessions as these put into practice all the theory I learnt."

Ben Simmons

I Really enjoyed the Cert 3 in Fitness course. The feedback I received was very constructive and helpful when trying to complete assessment. The best aspects of the training was easy to follow lectures and notes and quick reply if I ever needed help.“

Matthew Crooks

This course provided a great foundation to learn from and helped me greatly, I know that the skills learnt from this course will be used in the future from myself and I'm sure many others. I was also able to understand more about myself and how much information and knowledge I actually knew.“

Kyle Bruce

I felt the course material was very comprehensive and the lecture slide shows really helped me break things down in remembering the main points. I found the worksheets were also immensely helpful, and I highly enjoyed the gym practical sessions. My trainer Andrew made the classes highly enjoyable.

I was satisfied with all aspects of the training and the best parts were the practical training I did at the gym and the class sessions."

Nicole Nader

I am very satisfied with this online course! My questions were given timely explanation and answers. I am very grateful to everyone at Australian College.“

Kai Lin

I would recommend Australian College to anyone who is looking to do this course. They are so helpful and supportive and give you enough time to complete the course in your own time. As I was also working full-time and doing sport, it was hard to always take time to complete my assessments, so it was really good to be able to do it when I had time and to not be rushed.“

Tylah Hawkings

The College delivers a high standard of correspondence education. The materials, tutorials and support avenues are all of high standard for online learning. I was given very prompt support when sought out. My e-mails were responded to in a timely and friendly manner.

Thank you for providing such a quality and supportive online learning experience at an affordable cost. As a resident of regional Australia is a great to see such quality educational opportunities being extended by Australian College.”

Shannan Griffiths

The course was easy to follow and understand. The best aspects of the training was the various break through plateaus that push your body for more growth, that was what I found the most interesting. I think everything was quite clear and straightforward. The trainers very helpful, I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested.”

Michael Van Wolput

The Certificate went up and beyond my expectations and gave me a professional course from experts in the industry. The information provided was clear and concise and was adequate in delivering the required skills for a gym instructor. Each tutorial was a valuable resource for completing the course and learning the essential knowledge of the gym environment. The material had enough info to make me really think about each topic without causing me to feel overloaded with input.”

Kevin Nairn

Thank you for making my experience a pleasant one, I am definitely better prepared and well-skilled now thanks to your training.“

Giorgio Speranza

The tutorials were very interesting and the trainer’s knowledge is amazing! The best aspects of the training were the trainer’s knowledge and flexibility of the course.“

Sally Wing

I enjoyed the course! The platform was easy to use. All assessments were marked really quickly which was fantastic.“

Inuka Trissette Fernando

The administrative support given by the college was amazing! I am extremely impressed with the exceptional and genuine service I have been provided, especially by your support staff. Kira was extremely helpful with any questions or concerns I had. Emails were responded to almost automatically. You have amazing and genuine support staff working for you.

The course was very informative. Thank you for providing me with a well structured easy-to-follow course. I actually found the assignments very enjoyable and definitely helped me improve upon my skills.

I have learnt skills and gained knowledge I will now have forever and be able to implement into my professional career. I can't thank Australian College enough.“

Rose Sands

I feel well educated after completing this course as the information provided in all the units is very detailed and relevant to the career I want to pursue as a personal trainer. I also found the worksheets very helpful in summarising each unit, helping me to remember the main points and useful for the exams. I also enjoyed the practical sessions at the gym. They were fun and very useful for my training needs. I got a lot out of them.”

Nicole Nader

I am very satisfied with this online course, everyone was supportive and helpful. My questions were answered in a timely manner. I am very grateful to everyone at Australian College.“

Kai Lin

I did my interview and got the job already!”

Mas Pourgholami

I found the course to be understanding, easy to access and the learning system was easy to use. The course information was perfect; all that answers for the assessments were explained in the course material so no need for googling. The trainers were excellent; I had no issues with anything during my time in doing the course. Thank you for everything! I feel great and I would recommend the college to my friends."

Danielle Diamond

I feel my photography skills have improved beyond belief and I now feel much more confident to start new projects and display final images of my own photographic work. I enjoyed the concepts within the course material and feel I have gained worthwhile skills which I will use forever in the field. Thank you!"

Andrea Platt

When I was 15 years old I knew I wanted to be an interior decorator. I studied hard at all the relevant subjects throughout high school and with outstanding grades I was certain I would get accepted into University. To my utter disappointment the University in my city scrapped their Interior Decoration & Design course the year I graduated.

15 years and 2 kids later I was finally able to achieve my goal - thanks to Australian College. I could study at my own pace via correspondence in the comfort of my home, allowing me to submit assignments at any time of day - or night.

I am so proud of what I have succeeded in and I have just now started my own Interior Decoration business."

Kristin Living

I enrolled for the Certificate III in Travel to further my knowledge and to study something I'm really interested in. The course was exciting and I enjoyed completing my assignments, the tutor feedback was structured and I took the meaningful advice to heart. I feel very prepared for working in a travel agency, and I can't wait to use my new computerised reservations system skills.

Australian College proved to be the leaders in distant education; while I'm miles away from the College I could successfully complete my course without any hassle. Thank you Australian College!"

Jason Lues

Australian College offers easy to understand flexible learning. Correspondence with tutors is excellent, price is affordable and as a student I was made to feel at ease with my studies. Highly recommend to everybody.”

Sophie McCammon

Great course, very informative and I was able to do it at my own pace.”

Natasha Lucas

I was very happy with the course content. It was very relevant and detailed and provided practical advice for beginners interested in IT. It has also provided vast information on further resources, societies and sites for opportunities in the IT field.

The majority of the trainers were excellent as they provided constructive and helpful feedback. They pointed out areas of improvement and often added information on further study or advice from their own experience.

As technology is constantly progressing and changing at a very fast pace I wanted to study online where I knew the most current information would be taught in the most current format, and this is exactly how I still feel.

I have enjoyed this course very much and gained exactly the knowledge I was looking for! Thanks."

Luke O'Brian

I was able to fit in the course around my full-time work and submit assignments at my own pace. The course was easy to follow and has good variety of content and layout in each module. I enjoyed receiving feedback on my assignments. The admin support staff were always very helpful when I called up or emailed.”

Laura Blackmore

The feedback from the trainers on my submissions was well thought out and appreciated. Thank you to the trainers and everyone at the college for making my course enjoyable and manageable.“

James Mills

I thoroughly enjoyed my course and look forward at some point in the near future to taking up and completing further courses with the Australian College. My course was delivered at a pace which allowed it to be completed in a time frame which didn't interfere with my full-time work, and I now feel very confident in a career as an Editor. I would recommend Australian College for online courses to anyone."

Glynis Molland

Overall, this was a very enjoyable course. The exercises were practical and allowed me to develop knowledge of the sorts of tasks I would need to be able to complete as a professional editor. It gave a strong overview of the editing and publishing industry and has given me editing and proofreading skills that I now use in my job as a content writer. It's also given me the confidence to think that perhaps I could one day transition into the editing and publishing industry as my career. I'm very glad I did this!”

Elizabeth McClenaghan

I thought this course offered a great deal - especially when compared with others around the country currently offered through universities - many of which had only very basic instructions that could be obtained on the job. It was also very good value for money and I felt that I gained a great deal of knowledge about the publishing industry. The editing sections of the course were also very good and added to my current knowledge.“

Nancy Cunningham

I have completed distance, online learning with other institutions previously and I found Australian College to be one of the most professional, efficient and focused providers of distance learning that I have enrolled with. Thank you for your support."

Nadine Taylor

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and hope to enjoy the next one as well. Congratulations on your courses and the tutors and I hope to do well in my other course as well. Thank you."

Glenda Krushka

This is my first time to do the online course. The course has excellent content and has extensive array of topics. I found the course layout easy to follow. The assignments have built my knowledge, reinforced and expanded. I appreciate the support of tutors, assessors and admin.

This is a great online class experience for me. It was a test of my ability and flexibility. Great course. Great trainers. Great College."

Cecilia Ingham

The trainers and other staff were friendly and helpful. The information and assessments have given me a platform to continue learning. The information in the course is in a format that is easy to read and looks inviting. When I had questions ocncerning the course material, I received a prompt reply from my trainer.

I would recommend Australian College to my friends for the other courses they offer. I really enjoyed being able to have a hard copy of the course material and a nicely presented Australian College folder to store it in, which made it easy to work away from the computer. I also liked the fact that the assignments were not just meant to be "helpful exercises", but that they actually pertained to the goal that drove me to begin the course in the first place - writing a novel.

As a summary the course seemed very user-friendly and well-rounded. The course material will serve as a good reference manual for years to come."

Lauren Compton

I have done three courses through Australian College and if I as to go for a 4th, then I would once again go with Australian College. They are always helpful, their payment options are fantastic and flexible and the courses are just superb. I have learnt so much during my courses and I feel that I am now a better writer because of them. Thank you Australian College."

Krystle Berger

Tutors were quick with their feedback and assessments and very helpful with their comments and advice. Whenever I had a query, the response was quick and helpful. I was very happy with the content, resources and assignments in this course."

Helen Pedel

I enjoyed every aspect of studying with Australian College, it gave me the passion and impetus to write five Children's books.”

Tanya Pascoe

I found this course to be very informative. I really liked how it was structured and found the tutor’s feedback helpful. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in creative writing.”

Amie Keyes

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