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Professional Share Trading and the Stock Market for Beginners


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Enter the exciting and lucrative world of the share investor.

Learn how to buy and sell shares, how the stock market works to return profits plus more.

The stock market has proven to be one of the most profitable forms of investment available. It has recovered from every setback and never failed to go on and set new record highs.

The Professional Share Trading & Stock Market for Beginners course will teach you how to understand share trading terminology, how the Stock Exchange works and how to read the share trading pages in the newspapers, plus more.

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This course offers you a structured program that teaches you the art of trading step-by-step. You will have a personally assigned share trader as your trainer to guide you in the right direction.

With the Professional Share Trading & the Stock Market for Beginners Course, you do not have to trade if you don't want to. You will learn everything you need to learn about how to trade on the market and to gain an understanding of how investors make their profits.

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Course summary

Qualification gained
Australian College Award in Finance (Professional Share Trading and The Stock Market)
Course code
Study mode
Flexible delivery (including online with some projects / activities and/or skills-based training)
Course fees
Pay up-front, pay by installment or completely customise your own payment plan here. Employers, ask about our group/corporate rates and traineeship availability.
Flexible duration (with an option to extend)
Up to 12 months
Study load
Start date
Start anytime
Assessment method
Short answer questions
Nationally recognised

Career opportunities

  • Professional Share Trader
  • Personal Investor
  • Home Business Trader
  • Professional Stockbroking

Course units

Unit 1 - The World of Share Trading

Reading 1 - Introduction to the Share Market

What is the Share Market?
The Role of a Broker
Understanding the Shares Page in Newspapers
Getting a Share Price from the ASX
Understanding a Share Quote from your Internet Broker
Types of Shares
Buying and Selling Shares
Why Invest in Shares?
Your Share Trading Business

Reading 2 - The Seven Essential Keys to Share Trading

Introducing the Seven Keys to Share Trading
Key 1. Treat it like a business
Key 2. Risk Management
Key 3. Price is King—Trade with the Trend
Key 4. Don't Buy and Hold
Key 5. Share Selection Strategy
Key 6. Trade High Volume Shares
Key 7. Develop Your Own Trading Plan

Reading 3 - When to Enter the Market

What is the Next Hot Share?
Viewing Trading Charts
Strong Shares from Strong Sectors
Moving Averages and Crossovers
Watching Director Activity

Unit 2 - Professional Trading

Reading 1 - Advanced Charting

Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
Point and Figure Charts
Line Chart
Open High Low Close Chart (OHLC)
Support and Resistance
Moving Averages
MACD Indicator
Stochastic Oscillator
Fibonacci Numbers
Stop Loss Orders
The Most Important of all the Signals—Price and Volume

Reading 2 - Forming Your Trading Plan

Your Trading Plan
Step One of Your Trading Plan
Step Two of Your Trading Plan
Step Three of Your Trading Plan
Step Four of Your Trading Plan
Step Five of Your Trading Plan
Step Six of Your Trading Plan
Trading Plan Checklist

Reading 3 - Shares, Futures, Options, CFDs, and Indices

Different Trading Vehicles
Trading Futures
Floats and IPOs
Directional Trading
Margin Lending
Contract for Difference

Reading 4 - Becoming a Professional Trader

Revisiting Your Financial Objectives
What Money Will I Use To Invest?
The Three M's Of Trading Success
Where To From Here?
World Trading Markets

Entry requirements

  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A good command of written English
  • Ability to allocate appropriate study hours per week

If you have these essential requirements, then you can get started immediately.

Qualification pathways

  • Complete the required training and the assessment requirements
  • Have you studied a related course? Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Are you currently working in a related industry? Apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)
Student reviews

"I was very happy with the structure and the learning material in my course.

I felt like my knowledge was tested and I was given the tools necessary to extend my learning. I had full support from the college and my tutors which helped me complete my course."

Evangelos Papadopoulos

Did You Know?

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If you enrol in a course before 30th June, and the course is sufficiently related to your employment, you may be able to claim the course and certain related costs as a self-education expense.

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