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The Public Relations, Promotions and Marketing online course has been developed from a blended syllabus based upon public relations subjects, promotion subjects and marketing subjects, and includes practical activities and industry relevant projects.

If you are a person who enjoys working with people, communicating and socialising and you want to be in the media world then this may be the perfect career for you. Your typical day can involve planning functions and promotional activities, preparing media releases and liaising with the press, coordinating with caterers and suppliers, booking venues and organising merchandise, arranging accommodation for VIPs and company clients, putting together advertising packages and much more.


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Entry Requirements
  • Access to a computer with word processing, PDF reader capabilities and an internet connection
  • A good command of written English
  • Ability to allocate appropriate study hours per week

If you have these essential requirements then you can get started immediately.


Upon completion of the course you will receive the Australian College Diploma of Business (Public Relations, Promotion and Marketing).

Career Opportunities

PR Consultant, Public Relations Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Promotional Agent, Event Coordinator, Merchandiser, Media Representative, Media Buyer.

Course Summary
Course Code:
Delivery Mode:
Online and Flexible delivery
Assessments may vary according to each subject, but may include one or more of the following:
  • Short answers questionnaires
  • Written tasks/Written essays
  • Multiple choice/true or false questions
  • Workplace hours
  • Scenario-based case studies, practical projects with product or software, documents or diagrams.
Qualification Gained:
Diploma of Business (Public Relations, Promotion and Marketing)
Nationally Recognised:
National Code:
Awarded By:
Australian College
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Subject Descriptions

Unit 1 - Introduction to Public Relations
Reading 1 - Public Relations, Industry and the Australian Media
Development of the mass media in Australia
Broadcast media
Print media
Other media
Media issues
Reading 2 - The Promotion Industry
The roles and responsibilities of the promotion industry
The organisations’ marketing plan and budgets
Planning processes for promotional activities
Principles and techniques of public relations and product promotions
Consultation methods, techniques and protocols
Product and service standards and best practice
Customer service policy and procedures and analysis of feedback
Reading 3 - Introduction to Public Relations 1
Historical development
The role of public relations
Functions and techniques of public relations
Operation of a public relations department or consultancy
Communication theories and processes
Methods and purpose of internal public relations
Reading 4 - Introduction to Public Relations 2
Operating procedures
The importance of strategic planning
Media structure and techniques
Working with specific media
Using the four-step process
Issue management and crisis public relations
Techniques in speech presentation
Interrelationship between advertising and public relation functions
Reading 5 - Marketing Concepts and Activities
Marketing concepts
Market research
Understanding your customer
What is a product?
Product, strategy and communications development
The pricing function of marketing
Getting the product or service to the customer
Telling the market about your offerings
Unit 2 - Advertising and Marketing
Reading 1 - Advertising and Direct Marketing
The structure of the advertising and promotion industry
Creativity in the advertising or promotional program
Creating and producing advertising and promotional material
What is direct marketing?
The database
Planning and designing a direct marketing campaign
The key financial concepts of direct marketing
Reading 2 - Writing for Public Relations 1
Planning the writing process
Public relations tools
Developing the message/ media outline
Writing internal communication plans
Writing internal communication publications
Reading 3 - Writing for Public Relations 2
Effective report writing
Effective submission writing
Writing support materials
Developing direct mail material
Speech writing
Corporate identity programs
Writing effectively for financial applications
Reading 4 - Research Skills and the Market
Qualitative and quantitative research methods
The role of the researcher
Preparing a research proposal
Analysing research information
Presenting research information
Reading 5 - Identifying Marketing Opportunities
Understanding the business
Identifying market needs
Identifying marketing opportunities
Unit 3 - Knowing Your Consumers and the Industry
Reading 1 - Profiling the Market - Target Marketing
Your workplace and strategic planning
Market segments
Evaluating potential target markets
Profiling the target market
Positioning, planning and implementation
Reading 2 - Analyse Consumer Behaviour
Consumer attributes
Buyer decision process
Features of the product
Identify and understand your consumers
Reading 3 - Marketing Law and Ethics
Marketing industry practices - an ethical perspective
Legal terminology
Duty of care
Contract law
Consumer law
Privacy laws
Advertising and consumer demand
Reading 4 - Event Management and Fundraising
The role of fundraiser
Researching for success
Securing a grant
Marketing for success
Budgeting and strategy
Planning the event
Staging the event
Reading 5 - Breaking into the Industry
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